How Lean Joe Bean Is Superior To Regular Coffee

By Admin Wed, Jul 12, 17

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Lean Joe Bean is coffee, but it’s actually so much more. It’s the world’s first instant coffee geared towards weight loss, increased energy, and fat burning. That’s just a few of the benefits of this unique and tasty drink. Why would you just drink regular coffee, when you can have Lean Joe Bean in your back pocket? Here are some benefits to look at in regards to how Lean Joe Bean is just totally superior to regular coffee.


Awesome Reason #1: It’s Portable


Lean Joe Bean single servingOkay, you can easily make regular coffee, find a clean cup, and take it with you. But if you don’t have time for all of that, you can easily grab a packet of Lean Joe Bean weight loss coffee and take it with you. Each box comes with 24 individual packets that you can just slip into your handbag, briefcase (do people still carry those?), messenger bag, or even just place it in your back pocket. Then when you are ready to have a cup of coffee, just add hot water, regular water, milk, or non-dairy beverage of your choice. Have you tried it with unsweetened vanilla almond cashew milk? It’s amazing!


Cool Reason #2: Super CitriMax and Chromemate

What’s Super CitriMax and Chromemate you ask? Well, they are amazing ingredients in Lean Joe Bean that facilitates the weight loss. Regular coffee of course doesn’t have that. So if you are interested in dropping those unwanted pounds, this is definitely the coffee you want to be drinking instead of the regular stuff. Not only does Lean Joe Bean have these ingredients, but when you look at the other ingredients in this special instant coffee, the benefits just multiply. It also contains Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea Extract, and Ginseng. All are geared towards burning fat and increasing your energy at the same time. Regular coffee just give you a quick buzz with its caffeine, but that’s all. Lean Joe Bean works overtime to give you the long term energy that let’s you do more with your day. It’s just that simple.


Smart Reason #3: Higher Quality Beans  

If you love coffee that is made with high quality beans, you’re going to fall in love with Lean Joe Bean. The true coffee flavor comes from the highest quality beans we can find, turned into an instant coffee with real taste. Our blend even includes green coffee beans which when used can increase the activity in your metabolism. Regular coffee doesn’t have that. That’s one of the best reasons to use Lean Joe Bean. It’s one packet everyday for a weight loss coffee with extra benefits to your healthy lifestyle.
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Your Average Cup
of Coffee Isn't Enough

There are many good brands of coffee out there, but very none deliver 100% of the ingredients you need to enhance fitness efforts and see real results fast. Until now.

Lean Joe Bean contains a proprietary blend of Super CitriMax and Chromax which have been clinically shown to improve body composition and influence the key “fat” hormones. This is completely unique to Lean Joe Bean, and is the KEY to reaching goals efficiently.