Lean Joe Bean Coffee (24 Pack)

Lean Joe Bean


Lean Joe Bean is a great tasting instant coffee that dissolves in both hot and cold liquids and assists in fat loss, weight loss and improved body composition.

Lean Joe Bean Ingredients:

  • Dark Roast Coffee
  • Green Coffee Bean
  • Super CitriMax
  • Chromemate
  • Garcinia Cambogia 95%
  • Green Tea 100:1 Extract
  • Ginseng 100:1 Extract
  • L-Carnitine with Chromium

Think of our coffee as a kind of secret weapon in your commitment to healthy fitness - a delicious diet booster that can help you get through the day by satisfying your hungry feelings and adding a little spring to your step. We are proud to offer a product that can help reward you for choosing to make healthier choices each and every day.

If you love coffee made with high quality beans, you’re going to fall in love with Lean Joe Bean. Our high quality beans provide a true coffee flavor in a convenient instant pouch. Our blend even includes green coffee beans which can increase the activity of your metabolism. This is a benefit unique to Lean Joe Bean instant coffee. Add a kick to your healthy lifestyle with a packet of Lean Joe Bean Coffee every day. 

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