What to Drink When Going Through Intermittent Fasting (IF)

By Admin Mon, Mar 08, 21

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Although many people aren't fond of having fat, they serve a functional and aesthetic purpose. Fat serves as your body's energy storage, allowing you to go the extra mile during intense physical activities. Additionally, it gives your body a round and shaped form, making you look younger. It also keeps you warm in cold weather. However, having too much fat can be a grievous burden.

Besides adding a few extra pounds to your weight, it can also affect your metabolism, deteriorate your cardiovascular system, and increase the risk of developing certain cancers. This is why it's best to strike the right balance of fat content in your body. One way to shave off extra fat is by going through intermittent fasting (IF).

Going through intermittent fasting (IF) with the right beverage on hand

Keep in mind that it's always necessary to consult with a physician before you undergo IF. Once you get the go-signal, it's important to understand that you won't exactly stop eating entirely. IF's goal is to train your body's eating patterns to give you more discipline against binge eating. Unfortunately, the learning curve will be challenging, which is why you need to know what you can and can't drink while you're fasting. Besides keeping your body hydrated, other drinks can give you a better push to reaching your fitness goals.

If you plan to try out IF, here are three beverages you should consider:

1. Lemon water

Never underestimate the power of adding a soft flavor to your drinking water. Although IF encourages you to stop eating at certain times, it doesn't have any restrictions on when you should drink. Keep this in mind because some people think depriving themselves of hydration improves their weight loss routine. Since thirst and hunger sensations can feel similar, you’re likely just thirsty instead of craving for something to eat. Water with a squeeze of lemon aids digestion, prevents oxidation and gives a healthy dose of potassium.

2. Iced tea

Iced tea can seem like a simple blend of boiled leaves chilled to quench your thirst. Different tea variants provide various benefits. However, there are others that you shouldn't drink when fasting. Instead of going for matcha, sweet, and sugary teas, you should opt for an authentic and unsweetened herbal brew. This form of ice tea takes up only 4.95 calories per mug and will give you a calming effect, staving the pains of fasting.

3. Black coffee

There are numerous forms of coffee, ranging from a specialized house blend to the consumer

-grade instant variety. Some coffee products should be a no-go for you when going through IF. Drinks with extra whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles, and even a latte with milk shouldn't be on your list. However, black coffee can give you the best value for caffeine while giving you the energy to go through the day.

Black coffee can significantly speed up your weight loss with minimal calorie content and useful weight-losing properties. If you can't handle the taste of pure black coffee, there are commercial weight-loss blends that can help you more with your fitness goals.


Although intermittent fasting's goal is to shave off a few extra pounds, you shouldn't do it to the point of starving yourself completely. The trick to any weight loss program is knowing what nutrients your body needs while taking less of everything else. Thankfully, many tailor-fit products in the market will match your nutrition and IF needs. These food items are full of healthy ingredients allowing you to maintain your weight goals while putting less strain on your body.

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