Lifestyle Check: 5 Ways to Start Your Day with Ginger

Lifestyle Check: 5 Ways to Start Your Day with Ginger

by LJB Communications

Everyone’s morning routine can be different, depending on their work and the type of brew they prefer. Some people are fans of caffeine, while others are more fond of sticking to herbal tea. Nevertheless, there’s some level of comfort in being familiar with your routine, whatever your personal morning rituals are. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prevent yourself from trying new things.

Starting Your Day with Ginger

Ginger is a common herbal ingredient that has been used for thousands of years across different cultures. Its everyday use is to heal colds, arthritis, migraines, and other common ailments. As a fantastic natural medicine, people can also conveniently add it to everyday food and beverages. Besides adding a spike of flavor to your meals, ginger also comes with long-term health benefits. It’s a fantastic ingredient to add to your breakfast routine and help you start your day.

In this article, we’ll share five ways you can incorporate ginger into your morning meals.

Mix it with Your Tea or Coffee

Coffee mixed with ginger creates a potent drink that helps eliminate free radicals from your body. With the two ingredients’ strong antioxidant properties, you can strengthen your body while giving your cup of joe a strong flavor. Simply add a teaspoon of ground ginger to your coffee cup, and your body will be ready to embrace ginger’s benefits.

Blend it With Your Herbal Tea

If you’re not a coffee person, you can naturally include ginger in tea. Mixing organic ingredients to your herbal tea blend isn’t uncommon, especially if you want to improve its health benefits. It’s a perfect cure to calm your mind, especially if you have pregnancy-induced morning sickness or general morning migraines.

Add it to Jam and Biscuits

If adding ginger to beverages isn’t your thing, you can still use it to spice up your breakfast. Blending ginger with fruit jams is an excellent way to utilize its powder form to your advantage. You can put it on anything, from chips to biscuits. Besides being a morning companion, you can also prep yourself with ginger jam to pack for lunch at work.

Bake it into Your Pastries

Since you can add ginger to jams, you can bet that you’re also allowed to put ginger in breakfast pastries. Although people are more familiar with gingerbread, ginger snaps, and ginger-spiced cakes, you can also add ginger to typical breakfast pastries. Bagels, doughnuts, muffins, and everything in between will be even more nutritious and flavorful with a pinch of ginger added to the mix.

Mix it with Your Granola Cereal

Like adding ginger to beverages, adding ginger to your breakfast bowl can activate its anti-inflammatory benefits to enrich your breakfast. Since you can’t apply the powder on its own, you’ll first need to mix the ginger powder with honey or coconut oil, similar to using it in jam. Afterward, you can drizzle the mixture with your cereal to have a hearty meal to start your day.


The power of ginger as a superfood is undoubtedly a compelling reason why it’s quickly gaining popularity in the healthcare industry. Numerous food supplements already have it as an active ingredient, proving its effectiveness as an herbal solution. Still, you can opt to purchase a pack of ginger from your local grocery and make your own use of it as listed above. However, you don’t always have to add ginger to your morning delights manually. Instead, you can purchase ready-made solutions to keep you energized from morning till night!

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