5 Ways a Coffee Diet Can Help You Manage Your Weight

By Admin Mon, Jan 03, 22

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In 2020, the United States consumed 9.26 lbs of coffee per capita. This works at around 27.16 million 60-kilogram bags of coffee consumed within the year. 

Finland, the most caffeinated country in the world, consumes a lot of coffee because it has been part of their culture. Other people drink coffee to kickstart their day with a hit of caffeine. But, interestingly, there is a portion of people who drink black coffee for weight loss.

Is it true? Can coffee really help you lose weight? This article will try to answer that question and more.

Coffee Diet

The coffee diet has recently circulated in the health and wellness community. It made its way across the globe through Dr. Bob Arnot’s book The Coffee Lover’s Diet.

It is fairly straightforward to follow the diet—you just have to drink three cups (720 ml) of coffee a day, replace one meal with a green smoothie, and eat healthy during meals and snacks. The diet is specific about the kind of coffee you drink. According to Dr. Arnot, the ideal coffee for the diet is a light roast without any cream or sugar.

Benefits of Drinking Coffee for Weight Loss

Coffee is packed with caffeine and antioxidants. According to studies, these two components can promote weight loss in a few different ways.

Suppresses Appetite

Ghrelin is a hormone that induces hunger in people. Some studies found that caffeinated coffee reduces ghrelin levels in the body, reducing appetites. It was also shown to decrease the calories people consume throughout the day.

Increases Metabolic Rate

Metabolism is the chemical reaction the body goes through to convert food into energy. Several studies found that coffee enhances the body’s metabolism. It makes fat burning easier and faster.

Slows Down Carb Absorption

Carbohydrates supply the body with energy to make your body function at its best throughout the day. But overeating can result in weight gain. Drinking coffee may counteract the added weight because of the chlorogenic acid. Research indicates that the chlorogenic acid in coffee can slow down the body’s carbohydrate absorption.

Promotes Faster Fat Breakdown

The body needs fat to regulate the body’s temperature and protect internal organs. On the other hand, excessive fat is a risk that can lead to health problems. Coffee stimulates the brain to produce more epinephrine. This hormone signals the fat tissue to break down fats and send them into the bloodstream. Experts suggest restricting calorie intake to experience this benefit better.

Antioxidants Push Fat Breakdown Further

Antioxidants are natural molecules that neutralize free radicals in the body. Coffee is abundant in the antioxidant polyphenol. Antioxidants were found to cut down the production of triglycerides or the fat that is carried in the bloodstream.


Drinking black coffee for weight loss is a great idea. The caffeine, antioxidants, and other components in coffee can suppress appetites, increase metabolic rates, slow down carbohydrate absorption, break down fat faster, and cut down on triglyceride production.

Although coffee has many weight loss and fat loss benefits, you should not rely on it entirely. Firstly, only drink the amount of coffee you are comfortable with consuming. Secondly, reduce your calorie intake and avoid fatty and highly processed foods to see better results. Lastly, supplement your coffee drinking habit with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

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