Turmeric Is The Best Superfood, And Here Is Why You Need It

By Admin Wed, Aug 05, 20

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Weight loss is the most challenging part of the whole fitness sphere. Initially, people go to the gym to shed fat and then eventually tone or build muscles. The point is that weight loss is sought after by many as they go through fad diets and intense workout regimens. Some people even take supplements to help them burn fat faster.

While there is nothing wrong with using supplements to lose weight, the issue is that these are sometimes ineffective and can be damaging to the organs. If you want to shed fat in the best and most natural way possible, then try the miracle spice called turmeric!

What Is Turmeric?

Turmeric is an Indian spice that is commonly used for cooking in their delicacies. It is used to flavor curry and to give that burning kick to a majority of their food.

Not only does it make food delicious, but it has been found to assist with weight loss! When ingested, it speeds up weight loss and sheds belly fat—provided you use it daily in the right amount.

This spice is orange in color and has a slightly bitter taste that is similar to the burn of mustard. People use it with milk or hot water to make a tea or latte.

Why You Should Use It

A study has shown that turmeric assists weight loss by stopping the formation and growth of fat cells. It also converts white fat into brown fat—which makes it easier for the body to burn to be used for energy release.

When someone is overweight or obese, the fat cells in the stomach and liver are often much larger and denser. Taking turmeric products prevents these cells from accumulating—therefore burning fat and shedding weight that could be harmful to health.

Uses Of Turmeric

There are many ways to ingest turmeric to receive its great benefits. While it can be used in food to spice it up, people can also add it to hot or cold drinks. Adding 1-3 grams of the raw root allows it to burn the fats in your body.  When crushed using a mortar and pestle, it can be added to smoothies as well for a strong kick.

Celebrities also take what is called “golden milk,” which is basically a latte with turmeric—which gives it that golden color—and mixed with cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, cayenne peppers, and honey. This may not sound appetizing but there are fortunately better ways to ingest turmeric powder without the bitter and strong taste.

Lean Joe Bean’s Superfood Coffee is a concoction of some of the best ingredients that are blended into a weight-loss instant coffee. This fat burning coffee contains MCT, turmeric, green tea, cinnamon, and ginger—all of which aid in slimming and giving the energy to last throughout the day. It is a metabolic rate booster, but it also holds antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory ingredients that are healthier than pharmaceuticals. You will notice that turmeric use will clear your skin out by reducing oil formation and keeps pimples gone.


Turmeric is a superfood that you may want to add to your day to get a good boost and receive all its health and weight loss benefits. While pure turmeric may not seem palatable, getting a coffee mix like Lean Joe Bean’s Superfood instant coffee will make the experience both delightful and healthy. Start your weight loss journey today with some of the best natural ingredients available.

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