The Warrior Diet: A Modern Dieter's Guide

By Admin Tue, Jan 26, 21

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The buzz surrounding all sorts of fad diets and other “unorthodox eating methods” has become greater than ever because of how badly most people want to transform their bodies. 

Admittedly, the premise of following viral diets nowadays has become more engaging because of their promises of a significant transformation in a near-instant—a far cry from the principles of diet efficacy, as it seems. As terms like “superb fat loss,” “ultra detox,” and “x weeks for a beach-ready body” continue to be thrown back and forth, it’s safe to say that we’re only starting to see the rise of such diets that are difficult to keep track of.

By now, you’ve probably heard of all sorts of different names like “keto,” “intermittent fasting,” and “pescetarian” as you delve deeper into the possibilities of transforming your body. At this point, you’ve most likely tried a handful of them and barely saw the results as advertised in all sorts of different reviews—which understandably causes much disappointment!

Amid all the talk of buzzy diets and their supposed “life-changing” effects that can be achieved, there’s one particular name that has drawn much attention in recent years: The Warrior Diet.

The what diet?

Yep, you read that right: The Warrior Diet isn’t just some gag name that was made to pull the legs of gullible newbies—in fact, it’s been around for a while now and has been providing some seriously-real results. After all, with a name like this, who wouldn’t be both intrigued and speculative at the same time, right?

Originally created in the early 2000s by Ori Hofmekler, the foundation of The Warrior Diet was based on his own experiences and many other experimentations. Outlined in “The Warrior Diet” book, the framework of this system revolves around small "underfeeding" meals of dairy, eggs, fruits, and vegetables for 20 hours and a four-hour "overfeeding" window. Additionally, the eating phase is recommended to be followed alongside Hofmekler’s workout plan and exercise suggestions that can be found in the titular book itself!

According to sports dietitian and Thorne Research director of sports science Joel Totoro, R.D, the diet itself is an early iteration of the famous IF system saying, “Essentially, it was a very early version of intermittent fasting and said to mimic ancient warriors' lifestyle of training and battling throughout the day and consuming a majority of their calories during the evening in one massive feast.” 

So, you’re sold on it—how do you start?

After much revision and further experimentation, Ori Hofmekler and a few other experts simplified the system and made it a whole lot easier to follow with this simple methodological approach.

During the Warrior Diet, you’ll need to follow a strict dietary time block that involves following a strict 20-hour food fast by consuming small amounts of allowed food and drink like dairy, eggs, fruits, and vegetables. After the 20-hour period is finished, you are allowed to essentially eat anything that your heart desires (as long as it is high-protein and high-fat) in the span of a four-hour window—which is why it’s also called a 20:4 fasting!

If you do decide to follow this diet or go for the tweaked 20-hour no-eat version, we recommend going through your fasting period with the help of Lean Joe Bean’s coffee so that you can stay fuelled at all times!


The Warrior Diet, albeit its sci-fi-sounding name, is a dietary approach that bears much potential for progress and actual results because of the way it uses fasting and appetite suppression to its advantage. Thankfully, following this guide will allow you to get your feet wet in the most productive and results-oriented way possible so that you’ll have a much easier time following along! 

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