Mushroom Coffee: Everything You Need to Know About It

By Admin Mon, Jan 11, 21

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Mushrooms have a strong and earthy flavor that makes them a vital ingredient in many recipes. They’re also incredibly powerful adaptogens with potent anti-inflammatory properties, promoting healing in your body when consumed. Scientists have even studied some types of mushrooms for their ability to boost concentration, improve nerve growth in the brain, and even prevent degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. With all these benefits, mushrooms should be a staple in every diet.

However, some aren’t enthusiastic about mushrooms’ relatively strong taste. In fact, you may even have a total aversion to this fleshy, edible fruit body of fungi, especially when you realize that it’s, well, fungus. One way to up your intake of this nutritious ingredient is to take mushroom coffee.

What Is Mushroom Coffee?

Although you may balk at trying mushroom coffee because of the thought of incorporating its taste with the intense, rich flavors of a fresh brew, the truth is that mushroom coffee doesn’t taste like mushrooms at all. Putting medicinal mushrooms in your morning coffee is a great way to increase your consumption of it without having to integrate them into your meals consciously. 

Chaga mushroom is a common ingredient in many teas, which is famed for its health benefits such as improving digestion, the immune system, and your skin and heart health while boosting your defenses against inflammation. Cordyceps, another type of mushroom, is also known to boost energy levels—which is precisely what makes it an excellent choice to put in your coffee!

What are the Differences Between Mushroom Coffee and Regular Coffee?

Mushroom coffee has much lower caffeine levels than regular coffee while still giving you the energy-boosting benefits, making it a healthy and effective alternative. That means you can enjoy feeling more alert and wide awake without the jitters associated with caffeine, which helps you stay productive during that after-lunch brain fog that typically occurs. If you’ve been opposed to coffee because of the fidgeting and trembling that naturally comes with consuming it even in the afternoon, mushroom coffee may just be the drink for you. 

Another difference between regular coffee and mushroom coffee is that the latter is chock-full of benefits. Our Superfood Coffee, for instance, is packed with six different types of mushrooms, offering a wide variety of health boosters in every sip. In fact, they provide around the same amount of energy as a good, organic French roast, making this a beverage you’ll want to try. 

Why Is Mushroom Coffee the Better Alternative?

Simply put, mushroom coffee takes all the good coffee has to offer and takes it up a few notches. It retains the full-bodied flavor that organic roasted coffee is known for cutting down on the caffeine, reducing the chances of causing heart palpitations and uneasiness that may accompany it. As a superfood, it also supports your immune system and metabolism while sharpening your focus. With all these mushroom coffee benefits, you definitely won’t feel guilty when brewing this for a much-needed energy boost in the morning!


Although classic, traditional coffee deserves its spot as one of the most delicious beverages around, there’s no reason you shouldn’t explore other variants, like mushroom coffee. They help you stay productive without over-caffeinating you while improving some of your body functions. The best part? They don’t taste like mushrooms, which means you can switch over to mushroom coffee for good!

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