Learn How MCT Oil in Coffee Can Affect Your Health

By Admin Tue, Aug 10, 21

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Coffee is irresistible, even for people who follow a strict diet. Fortunately, there’s a coffee that can support your healthy lifestyle. People who value wellness can now enjoy coffee without feeling guilty. 

If you are currently on the road to achieving your fitness goals but still want to drink coffee every day, let us introduce you to Lean Joe Bean’s superfood coffee with MCT oil. You’ll be surprised about how it can change the way you feel about having breakfast, how it can boost your energy, and curb your appetite. 

What Is MCT Oil? 

Let’s define MCT oil first. MCT stands for Medium-Chain Triglycerides. The MCT oil itself is a dietary supplement containing medium-length chains of fats called triglycerides, making them easier to digest. MCT oil is commonly extracted from coconut oil. In fact, more than 50% of the fat in coconut oil comes from MCTs. People trying to lose weight or boost endurance during a workout mainly use MCT oil to help with their activity. 

How Can MCT Oil Benefit Your Health? 

MCT oil has shown numerous advantages, especially for athletes, bodybuilders, and health enthusiasts. It became popular because it is said to help manage weight, and the whey protein present in the oil helps build muscles. You can also experience the following benefits if you consume MCT oil: 

  • Weight Loss - MCT oil can help you lose weight because it can increase the release of hormones that stimulate your body’s feeling of fullness. 
  • Energy Booster - MCT oil can increase your energy quickly and provide an extra boost, making it a perfect supplement if you are doing high-endurance activities. MCT oil is a convenient energy source for your brain cells because MCTs can be converted into ketones in the liver. 
  • Keto-Friendly - MCTs are known to support ketosis, a process that happens when your body doesn’t have enough carbohydrates to burn for energy, so it burns fat instead. 

What Happens If Your Coffee Has MCT Oil? 

Coffees with MCT oil are a perfect way to curb those nasty cravings and jumpstart your mental focus, allowing you to stay sharp all day and maintain a healthy weight. Since people often drink coffee in the morning, it can help them skip breakfast because MCT oil can promote the feeling of fullness in the body. Once you skip breakfast, you have a higher chance of losing weight. 

Adding MCT oil to coffee can also enhance cognitive function and reduce the risk of heart disease. It might help you elevate your productivity and achieve optimum health like never before. However, like other dietary supplements, you must take coffee that has MCT oil with caution and consideration. 


If you are a health-conscious individual, it’s time to remove your worries about coffee ruining your diet because coffee with MCT oil can highly support your healthy lifestyle. As a low-carb, high-fat drink, coffee with MCT oil can provide benefits not only for your weight but also for your mental focus and endurance. But remember, the benefits and effects of coffee with MCT oils may vary for each individual. Aside from drinking coffee with MCT oil, you also need to exercise and follow a proper diet to achieve and maintain your fitness goals. 

Lean Joe Bean can provide you the best diet coffee that contains MCT oil. Our superfood coffee targets key hormones that help control fat storage for improved body composition and a lean, sculpted physique. Browse our shop and place your order today! 

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