How Coffee and L-Theanine Boost Your Productivity?

By Admin Mon, Mar 27, 23

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When people hear the word “coffee”, images of steaming mugs and over-sized cups pop into their heads. In most cases, these thoughts are not good. When we think of coffee, we usually imagine it to be something bitter and stomach churning.

But what about the other side of the coin? What about the ethical, natural benefits of drinking your morning cup of joe in a smooth and stress-free manner?

This is where l-theanine comes into play. L-Theanine is an amino acid found in abundance in green tea and coffee. In fact, one serving of 1/2 cup of black coffee has approximately 90 mgs worth of l-theanine. When you consider how much caffeine is contained in a typical cup of joe, this starts to make sense…

One of the best things you can do for your productivity is to decrease your caffeine consumption. In fact, a study conducted at the University of Texas found that moderate consumption of caffeine — about a cup per day — results in higher concentration, better memory and cognitive function, and a positive energy level. But what is  L-Theanine in coffee and how can you brew it more effectively? Let’s take a look.

What is L-Theanine?

Everyone knows that coffee boost your concentration, but did you know that it also enhances your focus? The truth is that coffee has up to five times more L-theanine than regular coffee. What this means is that when you drink caffeinated coffee, the caffeine concentration gains a great deal of its energy from the L-theanine in the beans. In other words, when you drink caffeinated coffee, you are getting more L-theanine for your money than if you had instead picked the weaker-tasting regular kind.

L-theanine is an amino acid naturally found in both green tea and coffee. It is also one of the most widely consumed amino acids in the world. People are often under the assumption that l-theanine has a negative impact on one’s productivity. While there is some research that shows the potential for l-theanine to cause a reduced productivity gap, studies have also concluded that it can actually help increase productivity. In fact, researchers believe that theanine’s productivity-boosting capabilities result from its ability to improve the efficiency of a person’s neurons. Neurons are the cells responsible for transmitting sensory information like sound, smell, and touch to the brain. By increasing the efficiency with which these cells work, l-theanine’s productivity-boosting capabilities result in a greater ability to process information and make decisions faster. Interestingly, theobromine, another naturally occurring amino acid in coffee and tea, exhibits similar activity on the brain’s neurons. Both substances are therefore able to improve various cognitive function including attention, concentration, and memory.

How do L-Theanine and Coffee Benefit Your Productivity?

Studies have found that consuming 2-3 standard cups of coffee or 1-2 cups of regular green or black tea per day can improve alertness, task switching, and short-term memory. When you consume caffeine, it bypasses the inhibitory neurotransmitters in the brain responsible for setting a person’s mood. As a result, caffeine is able to enhance the neurotransmitters that actually control our moods like an antidepressant. Researchers believe that consuming caffeine in combination with a compound called L-theanine can result in a more potent anesthetic effect. As an anesthetic, caffeine and theanine are able to reduce pain as well as the associated stress that goes along with it. In fact, consuming 2-3 standard cups of coffee or 1-2 cups of regular green or black tea per day can help reduce the symptoms of migraines.

How much Better Is Coffee for your Productivity?

There is a lot of confusion regarding the benefits of coffee and how it can help you achieve your daily tasks more effectively. While some people believe that caffeine only works as an energy boost, other research suggests that it can also help with focus and attention. While caffeine works as an alertness enhancer, it can also be used to down-regulate sleep. In fact, one study found that caffeine and theanine can be used in tandem to create a more effective sleeping pill. When taken in this way, the caffeine wakes up the body while the theanine relaxes the mind. However, consuming too much caffeine can be harmful. Caffeine is a stimulant drug that can cause jitters, a racing heart, and an increased heart rate. It can also damage your liver and raise your risk of developing a heart disease called congestive heart failure.

The Importance of Dose in Coffee and L-Theanine

One of the main benefits of consuming coffee and tea is the ability to boost your productivity. This can be extremely helpful when you are trying to get serious work done and achieve a certain standard of productivity. However, while caffeine and theanine can boost your productivity, they only work if you consume them at the right time. While caffeine can be used as a wake-up or even an energy booster, theanine is more of a relaxer. It can be used as a sleep aid or a muscle relaxer.

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Many people believe that consuming caffeine and theanine at the same time will result in a caffeine high. However, this is not the case. While caffeine and theanine are both stimulants, they have different effects when consumed at the same time. In other words, consuming coffee and theanine at the same time will not result in energy-boosting caffeine high, but a sleep-inducing, focus-boosting one. This is because caffeine is more likely to be released in an alert state while theanine is believed to be relaxing. This means that individuals who consume their morning cup of joe prior to working out or engaging in the strenuous activity will experience a greater boost in productivity than those who need caffeine an hour before.

The Bottom Line

Coffee and L-theanine are a great combination. They both provide a powerful amount of caffeine and can boost productivity. The downside is that you have to consume these beverages at the same time every day in order for them to work as intended. If you consume caffeine and theanine at the same time, theanine can help you get more work done and achieve a more effective state of focus.Try Lean Joe Bean superfood coffee now to start giving your productivity a boost!

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