Everything You Must Know About Green Coffee

By Admin Tue, Aug 03, 21

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You may have heard or read about green coffee supplements concerning weight reduction programs. The alleged weight reduction advantages of green coffee are highly disputed, yet still, for other reasons, it has been popularized in the health and wellness sector. 

Today, we’ll discuss everything you must know about green coffee.

Explaining Green Coffee

Green coffee is made from green coffee beans. It is just a result of raw and unroasted coffee beans. The selected and processed coffee beans are green and only get the recognizable brown color due to the roasting procedure. 

Meanwhile, green coffee extract is a chemical derived from raw coffee beans, and it is promoted as a weight-loss supplement. Unroasted and unprocessed, green coffee is a supplement you can consume.

The Green Coffee Flavor

The standard "coffee taste" comes from the roasting process, which green coffee doesn’t have. Green coffee is considerably softer and lighter than regular coffee, yet it has a bit of thickness when brewed correctly. Some call the flavor "greasy" or compare it to green or herbal tea, although it's not the same. 

Taste, texture, acidity, and appearance are, nevertheless, superficial distinctions. In light of health and medicinal advantages, roasted and green coffee don’t have the same chemical properties.

How Is Green Coffee Different from Regular Coffee?

Coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid molecules and caffeic acid, which are widely recognized to have significant antioxidant capabilities as metabolites. When you roast coffee beans, their chlorogenic acid levels are substantially decreased. In other words, unroasted coffee beans are far more beneficial to your well-being.

There is another distinction between green coffee and ordinary coffee, however—their amounts of caffeine. It is difficult to generalize since different beans and roasting processes can influence the results, but roasting coffee beans is steadily lower in caffeine. For instance, the black roast is less caffeinated than the light roast. 

Coffee prepared from raw green coffee beans, which were not roasted at all, would thus have somewhat more caffeine than a light roast and much more than the darker roast.

The Health Benefits 

  • Blood Sugar and Diabetes: Several studies have shown that green coffee (or its extract) can improve blood glucose, triglyceride, and total lipid profiles. Green coffee's chlorogenic acids have also been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and treat the root causes of metabolic syndrome in prediabetics.

  • Blood Pressure: Coffee extract and chlorogenic acids lower blood pressure and enhance blood vessel function. 

  • High Cholesterol: A meta-analysis of studies shows that green coffee bean extract can lower cholesterol. The green coffee extract improved total cholesterol, HDL (good) cholesterol, and LDL (bad) cholesterol for those who consumed it.

  • It has also been shown to cure bacterial infections and neurological diseases, including Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Preliminary evidence suggests that chlorogenic acids in green coffee may help treat skin cancer and more cancers, including lung, liver, breast, and colon.

    Indeed, chlorogenic acids are potent antioxidants capable of fighting free radical damage, which causes significant bodily injury and is necessary for different ailments.

    Possible Side Effects

    Even beneficial supplements have drawbacks. Green coffee is no exception.

    A drawback is high green coffee caffeine content. Caffeine is generally tolerated in small amounts, but excess can cause sleep disruptions. Although everyone's caffeine tolerance varies, limit intake to four or five drinks a day. 

    At the same time, caffeine raises blood pressure, but chlorogenic acid in green coffee lowers it. Those using hypertension medications should see their doctor before adding green coffee or green coffee supplements to their daily regimen.


    Green coffee or green coffee extract can come in whole beans, ground, powdered, or capsules. They are usually available in shops online, and in-store and are perfectly safe to consume in moderate amounts. 

    It’s important to note that green coffee may be beneficial to your health but may not be an aid to reach your weight loss goals. To boot, if you’re looking to have a healthier lifestyle, you can try this and switch your coffee choice.

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