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Can a Cup of Coffee Every Day Really Help You Lose Weight?

by LJB Communications

“Coffee has caffeine, and it is bad for your health.”

“Coffee can prevent your growth.”

“Coffee is bad for your heart.”

These are just some of the myths surrounding coffee. Coffee has had these misconceptions for many years, but these have been debunked by modern science. Many of these studies did not consider other factors, such as poor diets, adding spoonfuls of sugar, or living a sedentary lifestyle while drinking their coffees. Other preexisting conditions could have affected the results as well. 

Fortunately, modern studies were conducted with more stringent procedures. Scientists discovered the benefits brought about by antioxidants, which coffee is rich in. In the US, 79% of antioxidants people consume come from beverages—of which coffee is the biggest provider. These antioxidants give coffee the many health advantages it is known for today. 

Is Coffee Good for Weight Loss?

Coffee is becoming a popular drink for weight loss and other health benefits. It can improve your memory, boost your mood, decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes, improve cardiovascular health, and more. Apart from those mentioned, this drink can help you burn fat, control your appetite, and improve your metabolism—thereby stimulating weight loss. 

How Black Coffee Works

  • It Contains Low Calories. One of the effective ways to keep your weight down is to lower your calorie intake. Coffee, particularly black coffee with little to no sugar, has low calorie content. 240 mL or one cup of brewed coffee only contains two calories.

  • It Helps Reduce Appetite. Drinking coffee can help reduce the production of a hunger hormone called ghrelin. It can also delay stomach emptying, which contributes to your decrease in appetite. A cup of coffee could reduce your hunger to consume food for a short time. Some studies also insist that coffee has no effect in making people feel full, while others support the claim that it can. Further studies are needed to confirm this case.

  • It Boosts Metabolism. Caffeine in coffee gives your body feel an increase in energy despite your body staying at rest. That stimulation can improve your metabolism. One study observed two groups of people. Its results showed that people who consumed more coffee had a more successful weight loss journey. 

According to Bob Arnot, M.D.’s book ”The Coffee Lover’s Bible,” drinking three cups of coffee every day can help you burn fat. He mentioned that you would need to combine your coffee intake with a calorie-restricted diet to get the best effect. 

This includes keeping your calorie level at 1,500 and getting them from healthy sources, such as unrefined grains, lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables. These practices could speed up weight loss.


Coffee has many health benefits, and one of its proven advantages is helping you maintain a healthy weight—especially brewed coffee. The effects may differ depending on your preparation of coffee and your lifestyle. As always, keep things in moderation. Too much of a good thing is always bad. For example, too much caffeine could also bring you insomnia, digestive issues, and rapid heart rates. 

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