4 Reasons You Should Make the Switch to Butter Coffee

By Admin Wed, Aug 05, 20

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The trend of adding fats in coffee once started with bulletproof coffee. However, not everyone has enough time to devote every morning to make this high-calorie drink to replace their breakfast. On the other hand, putting artificial sweeteners in your coffee isn’t really a good idea either. This is because these sweeteners are often the culprit behind your unstable blood sugar levels that lead to midday crashes. Fortunately, there are alternatives to this, such as adding butter and coconut oil into your drink’s mix.

In this article, we will share four valuable reasons you should switch to butter coffee:

1. It Increases Energy Levels

Coconut oil is a three-chain fatty acid, in which the liver processes it into energy instead of storing it as fat. Because of this, adding it to your coffee will give you that much-needed energy boost to carry you through a tiring day. Moreover, coconut oil is known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties, thanks to the lauric and capric acid that it contains. Butter, on the other hand, may also serve as a sweetener for your coffee.

2. It Controls Your Cravings

If you have been a victim of the 2 pm crash, this is likely because of lower blood sugars due to a breakfast filled with sugar or if you’ve waited too long between meals. Drinking coffee with butter and coconut oil can help maintain stable blood sugar levels. When you have stable blood sugar levels, you won’t get lots of cravings. This is all because the fats that are in the coffee gives a more controlled release of caffeine in the system to keep you going longer while helping you avoid midday crashes. That way, you no longer need to succumb to unhealthy foods in between meals.

3. It Improves Metabolism Rates

As mentioned previously, coconut oil is a three-chain fatty acid, which is part of the Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) that help boost metabolism. Having a dose of coconut oil in your coffee helps the body absorb more glucose in the bloodstream and puts it to good use.

4. It Helps You Quit High Sugar Intake

Drinking butter coffee with coconut oil the first time may not be the caffeinated drink that you’re expecting, yet the combination provides a smooth and creamy taste that is satisfying. If you’re used to a latte every morning, you won’t have a hard time adjusting to the taste of butter coffee with coconut oil. Even if you are not a “creamy” coffee drinker, the taste will grow on you soon enough, which will help reduce high sugar intake. Keep in mind that you can also make your coffee strong despite the butter and coconut oil.


Butter and coconut oil have found their way into coffee cups for their benefits, such as high energy levels, better metabolism, more stable blood sugar levels. This is what led to the birth of butter coffee, which is similar to bulletproof coffee.

If you are looking for an option that you can make at home in the morning and save a few bucks for a cup of Joe, butter coffee is the way to go. All you need to do is brew about a cup of coffee, add one to two tablespoons of coconut oil, and one to two tablespoons of unsalted butter, mix them all up, and you’ll be ready to start your day.

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