3 Ways Cinnamon Can Enhance Your Coffee Beyond Flavor

By Admin Mon, Dec 14, 20

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Coffee serves as a morning pick-me-up for most people worldwide, but not all cups of java can yield healthy results. Weight-watchers and health-conscious drinkers who want to upgrade liquid gold’s benefits can add superfoods that are sure to transform it more than your average brew. 

Drinking it black is typically the best for your health, but if that isn’t your cup of coffee, then adding a few touches of cinnamon can make a significant difference to your morning habit. Not only is it a natural sweetener that can give the drink a delicious oomph, but pairing cinnamon and coffee can also do the following for you:

Benefit #1: Cinnamon is Packed with Antioxidants 

Adding a few pinches of cinnamon can increase your antioxidant content, wherein just a teaspoon can introduce the same level of helpful molecules you can get from eating half a cup of antioxidant-laden foods like blueberries. This can protect your cells from free radicals, increasing your resistance against heart disease and cancer. 

Benefit #2: Cinnamon Increases Brain Function 

Coffee is iconic for being a delicious brain-booster, which means it’s a match made in heaven when paired with an equally mind-enhancer like cinnamon. Even a whiff of cinnamon can boost your cognitive abilities, spicing up your concentration and alertness. 

If you have a big meeting coming up, garnishing your morning coffee with cinnamon is the perfect way to mentally prepare you for the busy day ahead. 

Benefit #3: Cinnamon Mitigates Blood Sugar Spikes

Drinking coffee with sugar can stimulate your sugar cravings later in the day, resulting in a mental crash that can increase your hunger. For sweet tooths who want to elevate the taste of coffee without resorting to sugar, cinnamon is a delectable alternative. 

Not only can it add a saccharine touch to your brew, but the flavorful boost also comes with benefits as it can curb blood sugar spikes and enhance your insulin. This can do wonders for dialing down afternoon cravings and mitigating the harmful effects of sugar. 

The Bottom Line: How Cinnamon is a Tasty and Healthy Addition to your Morning Coffee

Coffee is a tasty treat that can help you beat the midday slump, and while it’s an excellent drink to kickstart your energy, it can also offer plenty of health perks. 

Skipping the line in your favorite cafe and opting for healthier coffee blends should ensure you can maximize the benefits without affecting your weight. 

Instead of elevating the flavor profile with sweeteners, go for a dash of cinnamon to give your brew a much-needed boost. 

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