3 Truths Every Dieter Needs to Know About Their Metabolism

By Admin Wed, Oct 14, 20

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For anyone who is very much intent on staying in shape, losing weight, or getting fit, no concept is more impactful or bears as much significance in one’s journey than metabolism. From the amount of time you’ll need to spend in the gym to the allocation of meals that you take in from day to day, the way your body burns calories is present in many processes.

Taking the heavy involvement of metabolism (and metabolic control) into mind, it’s easy to see why experts, manufacturers, and coaches consider it when transforming peoples’ lives. In fact, the concept is so crucial for progress to the point where Lean Joe Bean formulates its weight loss coffee well enough to boost metabolic activity!

With all this talk about metabolism and its widespread importance, however, there’s one question that you must ask yourself: “Do I know enough about it?”

A few critical things you need to know metabolism

In today’s world where misconceptions are more prevalent than ever, it’s clear that it pays to be well-aware of what you actually need to know. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with this quick yet valuable guide to everything you need to know about metabolism as you get into the dieting groove:

Truth bit #1: It pays to know your Basal Metabolic Rate

No matter how much you think you know about metabolism, your knowledge of the concept will never yield actionable results until you get familiar with your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).

To best put it, your body’s BMR is the amount of energy (or calories) that your body burns day-in, day-out when you do nothing at all. This figure can only go up if you decide to do other activities like working out, walking, running, and playing sports, causing your body to burn more calories and effectively shed excess weight or fat in the process.

Once you know BMR further and how it works, you’ll have the necessary groundwork to make all the adjustments to your body needs in terms of exercise and caloric work it needs for weight loss!

Truth bit #2: More lean muscle equals higher metabolism

Generally, most dieters make a mistake when coming to terms with metabolism because they strive for a “faster metabolism” when it simply doesn’t exist.

The “fast metabolism” that many fitness buffs find themselves chasing after is actually an increased BMR that allows them to eat more while gaining more muscle. A guaranteed way to boost the metabolic rates that your body pumps out is to pack on more lean muscle as a higher amount of lean mass consumes more calories.

By working out more often, boosting your protein intake, and using rest and recovery to your advantage, you can build even more muscle mass to bump up your metabolism and burn more calories!

Truth bit #3: Coffee is your metabolism’s best friend

You may not know this, but a cup of coffee can do your body’s metabolism lots more good than initially expected.

Thanks to the fact that the caffeine that a cup of Joe provides for the central nervous system, specific stimulants are released to give the body’s systems a much-needed speed boost, leading to more energy spent. With a cup of Lean Joe Bean’s weight loss coffee, your metabolism will get the necessary support it needs for an increased level of energy expenditure and boosted metabolism!


When it comes to dieting effectively, there’s no concept more vital for your efforts’ effectiveness than a proper knowledge of how metabolism works. Once you take the three truth bits mentioned above into mind and start using them to your advantage, you won’t ever have to worry about an unequal attempt at losing or maintaining weight ever again!

If you’re looking to successfully shed some pounds and get your daily serving of chromium with a cup of effective weight loss coffee, there’s no need to worry because Lean Joe Bean has got you covered. Stock up on your weight loss essentials by visiting our online store and placing your order today!

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