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About Our Clinical University Studies

Our intention when developing Lean Joe Bean Weight Loss Coffee was always to provide a true coffee drink made with high quality dark roasted coffee beans, that would pass the taste test of discerning coffee lovers. But even more importantly, we were dedicated to the creation of a unique, safe and effective dietary supplement that produced results.

University Studies
To achieve this, the supplement used in Lean Joe Bean Coffee has been through rigorous clinical University testing and studies before arriving at the patented, proprietary formulation of ingredients that are sold to our customers today in the form of a delicious and simple instant coffee mix. We believe that it’s important for our customers to know more about these studies and the favorable results that were found during this phase of our development.

An eight week long, placebo-controlled and double blind study that was performed by the University of Connecticut tested the Lean Joe Bean supplement in conjunction with a weight loss program that included a sensible, restricted caloric diet and cardiovascular exercise. The test subjects for this study were twenty-two women who were divided into two groups - one which received a placebo, and one which received our supplement. Both of these groups followed an identical exercise and nutritional program, including identical nutritional counseling.

When the data was compiled at the end of the eight-week period, the results were clear. It was found that while both groups did lose weight, significantly more weight was lost in the group that was taking the dietary supplement when compared to the placebo group.

Additionally, while both groups also saw improvement in general body composition and decreased BMI, the supplemental group came out ahead once again, with greater weight loss and body fat loss. The study determined that when combined with a weight-loss program that includes caloric restriction and regular exercise, our proprietary supplement does facilitate the overall effectiveness of a weight loss program.

We are proud of the results that our Lean Joe Bean Weight Loss Coffee produce and we hope you’ll be inspired by these results as well.


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