Your Health and Coffee - What You Need to Know

By Admin Tue, Jul 28, 20

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That iconic cup of joe in the morning is not just a pick-me-up, it’s a health elixir waiting to be recognized. That’s right—you can easily perk up every breakfast time while also providing yourself a healthy dose of nutrients and energy. You might be asking yourself, however, how exactly can you unlock the health benefits of coffee? Are all coffee-based drinks created healthily?

This article is your deep dive into these questions and what you need to know to make drinking coffee and losing weight possible. In fact, this is a shared secret that has been kept by many Coffee lovers and fitness junkies. In fact, drinking one cup of coffee before working out has become second nature to them.

However, you have to take note that the supposed health magic of coffee is just the tip of the iceberg. In reality, drinking coffee and losing weight takes a lot of forming healthy habits and being in the know about the basics. Smart coffee drinkers have not only mastered this routine but also studied the rich blend of benefits, just as what you are about to discover as you read this article.

Is All Coffee Good For Your Health?

First and foremost, we need to get this question out of the way. The short answer is no, but drinking coffee and losing weight is not at all a placebo. You just need to drink the right kind of coffee and integrate healthy habits such as your best diet for weight loss.

The only healthy kind of coffee is pure black coffee. Yes—no fancy frappuccino whipped cream, no added sugar, and no other sugary additives. It’s just like any tea detox, they simply aren’t effective if you don’t change your unhealthy diet or if you add loads of sugar or honey to your tea. That being said, a cup of coffee alone is a pure delight to have in the morning anyway.

As such, if you really want to unlock the health benefits of coffee, drop the additional coffee-related additives and consider changing your overall diet and improving your body’s immune system. After all, that is the pure purpose of coffee: to get you to a healthier place and help you start your day right. 

The Health Benefits of Coffee

Now that you know the truth about the true magic behind coffee drinking for your health, it’s time to learn about the equally magical benefits it brings. The following list provides you deeper insight into what you can look forward you when you become a healthy coffee drinker:

  • Encourages Weight Loss- Just as was stated earlier, drinking coffee and losing weight is a common trend. This is due to the fact that it encourages the healthy process of thermogenesis—or the conversion of energy into heat. Additionally, drinking coffee in the morning is good for suppressing your appetite for snacking just before lunchtime.
  • Aids in the Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes- Coffee is rich in promoting your body’s tolerance to glucose or sugars. This helps in the prevention of related diseases such as type 2 diabetes, a common medical condition among most Americans.
  • Can Help Lower Risk of Cancer- Caffeine has been proven to help curb the risk of liver, prostate, oral, and breast cancer.
  • Helps Regulate Heart Health- A healthy dose of coffee is your heart’s aid in regulating cholesterol levels, helps prevent blood vessel damage, and even lower the risk of a stroke.
  • Promotes Positive Brain Health- Have you ever wondered why college students love coffee? Well apart from keeping them awake, it has helped keep the brain mentally alert and focused on the task at hand. Plus, caffeine has positive effects in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.


Drinking the right cup of coffee has so many benefits in health and your overall well being. By taking that plunge into the healthier way of drinking coffee, you can jumpstart your life towards a healthier future. So start your day right each time by drinking your daily cup of joe and stay committed to the daily coffee grind!

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