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Health in a Cup: The Wonders of Ginseng-Infused Coffee

by LJB Communications

Whether you need a perfect sip to start your day or to keep those brain cells at work, coffee has always been a fantastic option. Its wonders are not something new for students who need to prepare for an exam the following day. Or, to say, for employees who just need to get through their 9-hour job. 

Most of the time, days could feel like a long drag if we do not have the energy to grind, and taking a cup of coffee can instantly make stagnant hours more bearable.

While we have developed an inclination for coffee because of its extra boost of wakefulness and energy, it is more exciting to know that its benefits could be upgraded by adding another ingredient. Just imagine getting a black coffee for weight loss, metabolism, and, more impressively, for overall wellness.  All of this is possible with the help of ginseng.

The Root Called Ginseng

Ginseng is the root of the Panax plant, which is known as an all-healing plant. There are various species of Panax documented across the globe, in which the most popular is the Asian variant. This species can be known as white ginseng and red ginseng, and the difference lies in their different harvest methods. What was harvested four to six years after seeding is called white ginseng. Any root harvested later than that is called red ginseng.

In addition to Asian ginseng that helps with cognitive function and focus, the American variant is known for its calming properties. Both are rich in active compounds called ginsenosides and gintonin that truly improve a person’s physical and mental health.

Ginseng: Holistic Healing

Given ginseng’s natural healing properties, it has been used primarily for medical purposes for thousands of years. While it was just recently that science has attested to its countless advantages, its use could be traced back to ancient China. It has proven to be an encompassing medication for people who struggle with memory loss, stress, abnormal blood pressure, and a cure for men’s reproductive problems.

Truly a wonder food that we can call ginseng has long established its use specifically in Asian households. However, it was met with divided opinions, with westerners still having some apprehensions due to its taste. But with consistent breakthroughs, it was found that the infusion of this root to bitter compounds could make it far better than its original taste. And so, ginseng coffee was made.

The Wonders of Ginseng Coffee

Ginseng is traditionally used to aid signs of aging, supply sufficient energy, and increase sex drive. This has been known to people, and its consumption is becoming more desirable with its incorporation in coffee. Apart from its substantial contribution to our well-being, it also tackles bodily problems at their core. As of late, ginseng guarantees a resolution for these health problems:

  • Cell Inflammation
  • Uncontrolled Mood Swings and Memory Loss
  • Impotence and Infertility
  • Immune-related Issues
  • Cancer
  • Insufficient Energy
  • Diabetes


The fun part of ingesting ginseng is it can be taken in multiple ways. Some prefer to eat it raw, and others prefer cooking it. The most common practice, however, is by brewing it into tea. The method is simple as you will only need a few chops of the root and toss it into boiling water. Its benefits were also compressed in pills, powders, and tablets, which may be bought in pharmacies at your convenience.

Regardless of the method, proper and habitual intake of ginseng would do your body better. Its microcosmic benefits ensure that macrocosmic body processes are maintained and cognitive functions increase.  More impressively, its benefits could be taken while enjoying your coffee.

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