Why Your Morning Coffee Should Have Turmeric in It - What to Know

By Admin Tue, Jul 07, 20

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Coffee is a basic necessity and a common household commodity. A March 2018 study shows that 64% of Americans surveyed at that time had coffee in the past 24 hours, while the National Coffee Association’s 2013 online survey says that 83% of Americans are coffee-drinkers. It seems that coffee keeps America running.

There has been a lot of coffee trends popping up everywhere that it’s starting to get pretty difficult to keep up. However, there’s one new trend that you should keep your eye on because it’s known to be a game-changer. It’s a coffee diet that will keep you happy and promote weight loss.

Turmeric crash course

Before it found its way into the coffee scene, turmeric was used to spice up your dishes and for medical purposes. A few years later, turmeric made its way to social media and became a trend. People would add it to their smoothies, green juices, and golden milk recipes, and some would even make turmeric super shots.

Known as the “Golden Root,” turmeric contains a truckload of powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that are linked to an active ingredient called curcumin. Based on scientific research, curcumin can help protect you from different diseases like diabetes and heart disease, cure liver damage, and combat Alzheimer’s disease.

Another great thing about turmeric is that it boosts your immune system and fights free radicals. No wonder people are jumping on the turmeric train—it’s packed with all the goods, it’s quite easy to find, and you can use it for your dishes and drinks.

A cup of coffee with turmeric, please

Now that you know more about turmeric, why should you bother having it in your coffee? The answer is simple: it’s incredibly healthy, and it tastes good.

It’s great that a lot of people pay close attention to their health and are mindful of their bodies’ intake. That’s why it’s great that these two superfoods can be consumed together. Aside from turmeric being packed with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, its spice notes pairs well with coffee.

Even if turmeric is used to spice up a lot of Indian dishes, you shouldn’t worry about your coffee tasting bitter or too strong, since its flavor notes are quite mild. It can be compared to cinnamon or cardamom—earthy and smooth—which gives baristas a lot of room to experiment. Some baristas like to add orange peel for more acidity to counter the bitterness or play with milk and try coconut milk instead of whole milk for a different mouthfeel and flavor profile.


It’s about time that people combine two superfoods in one cup. Imagine having coffee that promotes weight loss while it boosts your immune system? You’d probably have a cup or two. Starting your day right with a tasty and powerful cup of turmeric coffee will do wonders for you and help you keep fit and healthy.

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