Why You Should Add Turmeric to Your Morning Coffee?

By Admin Sun, Mar 19, 23

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Turmeric has been widely acknowledged for its potent antioxidant properties. It’s also been widely acknowledged that it can lower the blood sugar levels of those who are eating it regularly. In fact, the amount of turmeric that is needed to have any meaningful impact is small — about a quarter of a teaspoon per cup of hot black coffee.

In this article, we’ll answer some of the most common questions about how turmeric can help you lose weight, why you should add turmeric to your morning coffee, and how else you can include this powerful spice in your daily diet.

What Is Turmeric?

Turmeric is a yellow, spice found in many Indian and Southeast Asian cuisines. It’s widely known for its ability to fight oxidation — the process by which it interacts with food so it can be absorbed more effectively.

Turmeric has been used for its therapeutic properties for thousands of years. It is well known for its potent concentration of curcumin, a powerful yellow-orange pigment found in turmeric that has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties.

In fact, the amount of curcumin in turmeric is up to five times more potent than white turmeric. Consequently, it possesses a number of benefits over regular white turmeric. In fact, if you are interested in learning about the health benefits of this spice but aren’t sure where to begin, make turmeric your morning coffee! Read on to learn why you should add this Indian spice to your morning routine.

How To Use Turmeric In Your Diet

If you’re interested in using turmeric in your diet, here are a few ways: 


1. Take a turmeric supplement. 

Many people have trouble taking pills because they can’t handle the taste or the feeling of being “stuck” in one place. A turmeric supplement has a lower taste and is easier to take. Plus, you can buy pre-made multivitamins that you can take as is or with a meal. 


2. Add turmeric to your favorite drink. 

You can also add turmeric to your coffee. Make sure to use low-fat milk or half-and-half to cut down on calories. 


3. Sprinkle turmeric on your favorite food. 

You can sprinkle turmeric on Indian food and even Chinese food. Many people like to add this spice to their scrambled eggs to give them a stronger, more flavorful flavor.


Why Should You Add Turmeric to Your Morning Coffee?

There are a few reasons why you may want to add turmeric to your morning coffee. The first reason is to get a full taste of the spice. You may have never had the opportunity to experience the rich, buttery flavor of turmeric before. This can be a good thing if you’re trying to cut back on your intake because you may want to explore adding other spices to your coffee to up the flavor profile. However, another reason that you might want to add turmeric to your morning coffee is its anti-inflammatory properties. One study found that the regular consumption of a single dose of turmeric could reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure in people with normal blood pressure. Studies also suggest that taking a turmeric supplement is not a good idea — the chemical compound known as sulforaphane in turmeric could actually cause weight gain. However, most experts agree that you should avoid taking turmeric supplements because of the risk of side effects. Instead, you can look into adding this spice to your everyday coffee.

In fact, the amount of turmeric that is needed to have any meaningful impact is small — about a quarter of a teaspoon per cup of hot black coffee. One of the most common questions we get about turmeric is why we shouldn’t just take a multivitamin instead. The truth is that a single vitamin does not provide the complete array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that you need for optimal health. A multivitamin does — and turmeric is one of the most popular supplements that companies add to multivitamins.

In particular, turmeric oxidizes when combined with caffeine, which is why it’s often used as a remedy for morning sickness: The combination of the two greens occurs on an almost daily basis. Scientists aren’t exactly sure why, but it may have something to do with the fact that turmeric has been shown to help lower high blood pressure and improve digestion. Add turmeric to your morning coffee and you’ll experience even greater benefits.


How Can Turmeric Help You Lose Weight?

Studies have found that the standard dose of 2-3 tablespoons of turmeric corresponds with a loss of up to 7 pounds in those who are losing weight. However, you should note that this is a result of a reduced calorie intake and not a true drop in body weight. In fact, the average person loses about 1 pound a week — and that’s without even realizing it. If you’re trying to lose weight, you should aim to consume fewer calories in order to maintain your energy and lose weight. Consuming fewer calories overall will help you achieve your goal because it will reduce the amount of additional muscle you have to break down and eliminate from your body. As you lose weight, your metabolism slows, which allows you to lose more weight in a shorter period of time. This is what’s called the thermogenic effect, and it’s the reason why those who are trying to lose weight may experience weight loss by taking certain supplements. However, those who are trying to gain weight should avoid taking certain weight-gain stimulants because they may lead to an increase in body fat. This is because the body produces more hormones that cause you to gain weight when it’s trying to gain weight, not lose it.

Tips For Successful Turmeric Consumption

Here are a few tips for successful turmeric consumption: 

- Always take a turmeric supplement before you eat or drink anything that’s going to increase your blood pressure. 

- If you’re having a hot beverage, use less milk and use whole milk, not low-fat milk. Otherwise, you could accidentally drink milk with your coffee and end up with higher blood pressure. 

- Avoid drinking your coffee with sugar while you’re on this medication. 

- You should not take more than one tablespoon of turmeric per day. 

- You should drink your coffee black and avoid adding sugar.

Final Words

Turmeric is a powerful Spice that has a wide range of health benefits. There are many reasons why you should consume turmeric, but the most important one is to get a full taste of the spice. You may never have tried the rich, buttery flavor of this spice before, so adding it to your daily coffee may be a great opportunity to explore adding other spices to your coffee. You can also lose weight with turmeric if you partner it with the right weight loss coffee. Luckily. Lean Joe Bean has created a superfood coffee, filled with turmeric and bunch of healthy ingredients that is proven to help you lose weight and boost your health. Check it out!


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