MCT Oil in Your Coffee? Why You Need This Powerful Elixir

By Admin Tue, May 25, 21

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Anyone focusing on health and wellness will try anything to improve their overall wellness. And when we say anything, we mean anything — and coffee is part of that list. Bulletproof coffee made waves a few years ago, nourishing our bodies while keeping our bodies energized throughout the day. 

Today, there's a new concoction in the mix and it's something you shouldn't sleep on. Still under the umbrella of bulletproof coffee, taking it up to another level by adding MCT is another story. Mixing MCT oil with grass-fed butter has changed the common breakfast bulletproof coffee. 

Whether you're adding MCT oil separately or you're drinking coffee that already includes MCT oil alongside other superfoods, such as Lean Joe Bean, this powerful elixir promises a wellness upgrade. Not only will it keep you energized, but it also eliminates stress, promotes focus, and improves your weight loss habits.

If you're curious about this new magic coffee potion, keep reading. In this article, we'll share with you everything you need to know about MCT oil and coffee. Let's take a look!

What is MCT Oil?

MCT oil is a fatty acid, meaning it's composed of medium-chain triglycerides, which does a great job at bypassing the digestive system. So, unlike most foods where they'll go through the intestines first, MCT oil will get absorbed and delivered directly to the liver, converting its properties to energy right away.

Seeing as it makes up 8% of butter, you should know that MCT occurs in butter naturally. However, MCT is often concentrated in coconut oil and palm oil, which has 55% and 54% MCTs. On the other hand, MCT found in stores has been isolated and extracted from different oils, giving you more benefits due to high concentrations.

What are the Benefits of MCT Oil?

  • Absorbs Fat Without Discomfort: One of the biggest benefits of MCT oil is that it seamlessly and safely absorbs fats without giving us intestinal discomfort. With that, our body is more responsive to a high-fat diet, giving you better results in your weight loss program.

  • Increases Energy and Promotes Recovery: Another benefit of adding MCT oil into your coffee is that it gives you an instant energy boost and gets rid of fatigue. This is why this mixture is excellent for athletes as it boosts recovery and serves as an additional energy source.

  • Boosts Metabolic Rate: If you're looking for effective weight loss tricks, this MCT and coffee combination will definitely do the trick. The great thing about MCT oil is that it increases a person's metabolic rate, managing metabolic diseases, such as obesity. Because it contains healthy fats, it promotes leaner muscles, weight loss and is certified paleo.

  • Improves Brain Functions: Lastly, another benefit you get from consuming MCT is that it boosts your brain functions, enhancing your memory, mental clarity, and focus. With that being said, it's a key ingredient that helps support people with Alzheimer's or dementia. 

Adding MCT to your cup of joe is easy, but fortunately, coffees like Lean Joe Bean already have MCT and other superfoods included in their blend that would give you the wellness boost your body needs. So if you're looking for a magic coffee with all the goods, you know what to look for!

The Last Sip: Should I Start Drinking Coffee with MCT Oil?

Your cup of joe alone is a powerful drink that gives you energy and helps you efficiently finish tasks throughout the day. Although caffeine already has the goods that could keep you alert and the antioxidants that boost health benefits, adding MCT is a complete game-changer. 

If you want to help achieve your body and wellness goals, promote focus, and improve your mood, all while keeping your energy level high, adding MCT oil is the secret ingredient your breakfast drink needs. 

Why Choose Lean Joe Bean?

Sure, you can make your concoction and whip up a magical blend that will give you all the goods your body needs. But imagine getting all the superfoods and magic ingredients in a single cup with little-to-no effort at all — that's right, Lean Joe Bean can give you exactly that. 

Lean Joe Bean offers functional instant coffee that helps boost your energy and metabolism, allowing you to get through the day by being and feeling your best. Our coffee includes MCT oil alongside other superfoods, enabling you to stay sharp and maintain a healthy weight.

Make your morning magical with this powerful elixir. Try Lean Joe Bean's happy coffee today!

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