woman holding a cup of coffee

What You Should Know About Caffeine and Weight Loss

by LJB Communications

You might have noticed that there are many weight loss supplements and other products today that contain caffeine. This is because caffeine can help burn fat, which in turn, can aid with weight loss.

Keep in mind that caffeine isn’t limited to coffee and comes in various forms. You can also consume caffeine through drinking tea or through other products, such as supplements. That said, here are some things to know about caffeine and weight loss:

How It Works

When you consume caffeine, it is absorbed into the blood. Body tissues will reach peak levels of caffeine concentration between 15-120 minutes. Caffeine then stimulates the nervous system, sending a message to the brain to break down fat cells. Simultaneously, it triggers the release of the epinephrine hormone, which prompts the release of adrenaline. After these, there will be an increase in the demand to break down fat cells for use as energy.

As you can see, caffeine agitates the system, which then triggers fat loss. This is also why people who take caffeine follow it up with exercise as it helps boost their workout performances.

When it comes to your metabolism, the effects of caffeine vary from one person to another. At some point, it boosts the metabolism—however this is only for the short term, because most people who are regular caffeine drinkers tend to develop a tolerance to it, depleting its effects for fat burning.

There is a way to resist the tolerance, though, and this is through a method called “caffeine cycling.” Cycling caffeine in bi-weekly intervals may be effective for getting that metabolism boost. The process works by taking two weeks on and two weeks off caffeine. However, it is a challenge to do, especially for regular caffeine drinkers.

Green Tea

Probably one of the healthiest ways to consume caffeine is via green tea. Green tea is known for its health benefits, and the tea has caffeine content that can aid with weight loss.

Green tea also contains various antioxidant polyphenols that reduce the formation of degrading free radicals while they protect cells from damage. A cup of green tea has approximately 40mg of caffeine, but the good thing about it is that it will not make you jittery, unlike what coffee does to the body.

Moreover, green tea has L-theanine, an amino acid that increases the GABA neurotransmitter activity that is effective in helping reduce anxiety, as it helps increase the production of dopamine.


A cup of coffee contains 50 to 135 mg of caffeine. If you want more caffeine, you need to go for the lightest roast. Roasting coffee can burn away its caffeine, hence, it has short-lived effects on weight loss, but has other positive effects when it comes to preventing various diseases.


Caffeine is helpful for weight loss and, depending on the form of caffeine that you will consume, you may also get other health benefits from it. Green detox tea is popular for weight loss today because of its detoxifying properties. There are also supplements and other caffeine products that you can take for the same effect.

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