What You Need to Know About Arabica Coffee Beans

By Admin Mon, Nov 02, 20

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There’s no denying that coffee is one of the official household beverages worldwide, as almost all families stock a supply of coffee products for daily use or consumption. Whether nursing a cup of java in the morning or savoring a cold brew in the afternoon, most individuals can’t get on with their day without coffee.

When it comes to this, the Arabica coffee beans are the original blends, which have long been produced and increased for many years. Even up to this day, they continue to dominate the coffee industry scene, making up 70 percent of global production.

In this article, we’ll share with you what you need to know about the Arabica coffee beans.

A glimpse of the past

Did you know that Arabica coffee beans originated as early as 1,000 BC? Yes, they were first produced in the Kingdom of Kefa (present-day Ethiopia), where the Oromo tribe crushed and mixed the beans with fat for consumption. It was only in the 7th century where these plant species were named Coffea Arabica as they were further spread to present-day Yemen and lower Arabia. From there, the beans were roasted, where the Arab scholars drafted the first ever written record of these. Later on, they made their way to the Egyptians and Turks—and the rest is history!

Growing the Arabica plant species

Take note that the Arabica plant species take about seven years to grow and fully mature. They are best grown at a high altitude but can still survive at a low altitude. They are also capable of tolerating a low temperature as long as it’s not too frozen. They usually start producing small, white, highly fragrant flowers within two to four years of planting. After undergoing pruning, dark, green berries then begin to appear, which eventually turn into yellow, then light red, and finally glossy red. At that, they are called cherry—ready for picking! 

Savoring the taste

Today, Arabica coffee beans are widely popular across the globe. They are perfect to be roasted and produced into a wide variety of coffee products due to their remarkable taste, intense aroma, light caffeine content, and superior quality. 

When it comes to their flavor, they are best described as sweet because they tend to be light and airy. As far as fragrance is concerned, they smell like flowers, fruit, honey, chocolate, caramel, or toasted bread, and their caffeine content never goes beyond 1.5 percent by weight. Ultimately, they are deemed of good quality, ideal for the mass production of coffee products!


At this point, you’ve learned a little about the history, growth, and attributes of the Arabica coffee beans over the years. Sure enough, they have a glorious past making them what they are today—topnotch coffee beans notable for their taste, aroma, and overall quality, as discussed above!

When it comes to global production, there are no signs of stopping or even slowing down. This ultimately means that they’ll continue to take the spotlight in the years to come for the benefit of all coffee lovers out there!

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