An Explainer on Weight Loss: Metabolism and Calorie Burn

By Admin Tue, May 25, 21

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Losing weight is a problem that people of all ages and sizes face. One of the culprits often blamed for the difficulty of losing weight is a slow metabolism. Is that actually true, though? If that's the case, will speeding up metabolism help in the further burning of calories? Read on to learn more about metabolism, weight loss, and burning calories.

What does metabolism actually have to do with weight?

Put simply, whatever drinks and food are consumed are converted to energy. This includes the best diet coffee, pancakes, and even water. That is, essentially, what metabolism is. The process is rather complex, and the calories from those combine with oxygen for the body's needed energy to be released. 

Your body actually needs energy even when resting. That's because it has multiple functions that aren't in plain sight, like breathing. There are also hormone levels being adjusted, blood circulating, as well as cells growing and repairing. The calories used by the body to carry out those functions are known as the basal metabolic rate: metabolism.

To begin with, it should be pointed out that weight is indeed linked to metabolism. Having excessive weight gain doesn't actually have to do with slow metabolism, though. While the basic needs of the body for energy are influenced somehow by metabolism, it's more than that. The amount of drinks and food consumed, paired with how much physical activity goes on, are the real factors to determine weight. This is why many people are after the best diet for weight loss at all times.

What factors determine individual basal metabolism?

  • Age - The older a person gets, there's less muscle and more fat going into one's weight. That leads calorie burning to slow down considerably.
  • Body Size and Composition - When someone has more muscle burn, or they're generally bigger, even if they're at rest, the calories they burn increase considerably.
  • Sex - Women generally have less muscle and more body fat than men. This is provided that they are within the same age and weight. This means that more calories are burned by men than women.

On top of that, there are two other factors to the body burning calories every day:

  • Physical Activity: Exercise, as well as physical activity, like chasing your puppy, playing basketball, walking to the laundromat, and movements in general, make up for the daily calorie burn of your body. This is easily one of the most fluctuating factors in the daily calorie burn of a person.
  • Thermogenesis (food processing): Absorbing, digesting, storing, and transporting consumed food takes up calories, too. Carbohydrates and protein give off calories, and roughly 10% of that ends up used for absorbing and digesting nutrients and food.

On the other hand, nonexercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) is the term scientists use for the activity you do throughout the day outside of exercise. Going from one room to another, tidying up around the house, and fidgeting are just some examples.


There is a popular misconception that slow metabolism is responsible for issues with weight loss. The truth is, it rarely plays a part; it has far more to do with food and drinks consumed. Physical activity is a great way to burn calories and trigger weight loss.

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