Upgrade Your Ordinary Coffee with Superfood Coffee

By Admin Thu, Oct 06, 22

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In today’s world, coffee has become a popular drink that many people love to have. Whether you are a coffee lover or not, chances are you will be offered some form of coffee daily. Instead of just drinking your coffee with sugar and cream, why don’t you upgrade it with these superfood-infused beverages? Superfood-infused coffees have gained popularity in recent years because of their numerous benefits. Apart from the usual green tea and matcha powder, now we have superfood-coffee hybrids that are unlike any other drinks out there. If you want to upgrade your ordinary coffee with superfoods, continue reading to find out more!

What is Superfood Coffee?

Superfood coffee is a special coffee infusion that has been infused with various superfood ingredients. This means that it has various health benefits that help to improve your overall well-being. The main superfoods used in making superfood coffee are matcha green tea, chia seeds, hemp seeds, blueberry and raspberry. In addition to these superfoods, you can also use cacao nibs, coconut oil, almond milk, cashew milk, and dates for added sweetness. When making superfood coffee, you can use whole coffee beans or coffee grounds. If you use beans, make sure that you grind them before using them for better taste.

The Benefits of Upgrading with Superfood Coffee

1. Boosts your metabolism 

The caffeine in coffee is known to boost your metabolism, helping you to burn more fat. This can coffee help with weight loss if you consume it daily. 


2. Cleans your liver 

The antioxidants in superfood coffee can cleanse your liver and remove toxins from your body. This lowers your risk of developing diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. 


3. Helps with weight loss 

Superfood coffee can help you to lose weight if you consume it with a healthy diet. The caffeine in superfood coffee can boost your metabolism and increase fat burning, while the antioxidants can prevent your body from storing extra fat. 


4 Improves your brain function

Some studies have found that consuming caffeine can boost your brain function, including your short-term memory and ability to focus. This can be particularly helpful if you are studying or working on something that requires you to use your brain. 


5. Reduces stress 

The caffeine in superfood coffee is known to be a powerful anti-stress agent, helping to reduce the release of stress hormones in your body. 


6. Promotes good gut health

The probiotics found in superfood coffee can promote good gut health, while the prebiotics help boost your immune system. 


7. Protects your skin

The anti-aging antioxidants in superfood coffee can protect your skin from UV rays, resulting in younger-looking skin. 


8. Reduces risk of diabetes

The caffeine and chromium found in superfood coffee can help to reduce your risk of developing diabetes. 


9. Helps with insomnia 

Although caffeine is known for causing insomnia, the amount found in superfood coffee is low enough not to cause you to have trouble sleeping.

How to Make a Superfood Coffee

Making a superfood coffee is simple! First, decide what superfoods you want to add to your coffee. Then, grind your beans and add the superfoods to your grinder for consistency. After that, brew your coffee like you normally would and add the superfoods to your cup. Alternatively, you can also add the superfood ingredients to your milk before adding it to your coffee. This will ensure that your milk doesn’t curdle when you add it to your coffee. Finally, add your usual amount of sugar and milk to your coffee.


Superfood coffee is a special coffee beverage that is made with various superfood ingredients. This means that it is high in antioxidants, can help to promote good gut health, and protect your body from toxins. There are a variety of superfood coffees that you can choose from. However, no matter which type of superfood coffee you choose, you can be sure that it will help you to achieve better health.

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