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Understanding the Link Between Coffee and Weight Loss

Understanding the Link Between Coffee and Weight Loss

October 14, 2020

There has been some debate as to whether or not coffee actually helps with weight loss. Quite a few products on the market brand themselves as weight loss coffees, but a question remains: How true are these claims? Can coffee really be helpful for weight loss?

In this article, we will talk about the science behind coffee and weight loss. We will also dispel some myths and talk about the facts about coffee and whether or not it can actually help with weight loss.

The two sides of coffee

Coffee, more often than not, is prepared with sugar and milk or creamers. These ingredients contain fat and milk. Sugar itself is associated with weight gain. Consuming coffee outside the recommended levels can also cause metabolic syndrome and weight gain.

Black coffee, on the other hand, can prove more effective for losing weight and improving health. Over 200 studies have shown that drinking 3–4 cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is also full of antioxidants and nutrients that fight various diseases, such as cancer.

Coffee has also been shown to significantly boost the body’s metabolism over several hours. This increase in metabolism can help you lose weight in the short term and in moderation. That means that coffee can, to a certain extent, help with weight loss.

Greater than that (at around 5–6 cups a day), however, can pose harm to your health. Your brain can develop an unhealthy dependence on caffeine, which can trigger many conditions. It can affect your ability to retain both short- and long-term memories and lead to digestive conditions, regular fatigue, and so on. Not only that, but it can also cause headaches, trigger anxiety, disrupt your sleep cycle, and cause heart palpitations.

Again, we are faced with the truth of anything consumed: All things are only good in moderation. The health benefits of coffee and caffeine stop once too much is taken.

The answer: Yes and no

One important thing to remember about weight loss is that it is not a sign of a healthy lifestyle. It is the byproduct of a healthy lifestyle, which comes from a balance of healthy consumption, exercise, and other healthy practices. Coffee can help boost your energy and metabolism, but an excess of it can turn every one of those positives into negatives.

Which coffee is best for health and weight loss?

We’ve spoken before about the benefits of black coffee for weight loss and how 3–4 cups a day can help with health and weight loss. You can make this even healthier and better if you choose lightly-roasted beans. Lightly-roasted beans contain more antioxidants than any other, making them the healthiest type of coffee for weight loss.

Final thoughts

Is coffee truly effective at inducing weight loss? The answer is a definitive and clear “Yes.” So long as you keep it black, use lightly roasted beans, and limit your consumption to 3–4 cups a day, you can enjoy the health benefits of this amazing drink. Among these benefits, quite possibly, is weight loss.

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