Understanding Coffee Roasts - What You Need To Know

By Admin Wed, Aug 26, 20

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Do you consider yourself a genuine coffee drinker? If you do, then you have to know about the different kinds of roasts. Doing so will allow you to better determine your ideal blend in the morning. It will also help you better appreciate your coffee diet. Whatever your end goal is, being aware of the different coffee roasts will help you and your friends find the perfect cup.

This article will take you through the different basic roasting levels. But before that, we will first look into the roasting process and its effect on coffee. This is an important consideration when buying and sourcing different kinds of coffee, especially when you consider it a huge part of your lifestyle.

What Does Roasting Do for Your Coffee?

The fact of the matter is coffee will always start through the roasting process. Coffee beans cannot be just ground up and then brewed. They need to be roasted first, which is the process of transforming green beans into the rich, aromatic coffee we all know and love. During this roasting process, a chemical reaction activates the caffeine inside and creates a warmer, richer taste.

When it comes to the different coffee roasts, all you have to remember is the darker the roast, the deeper its taste is developed. Conversely, a lighter roast will have a flavor that's more similar to the original bean.

This gives room for different suppliers and coffee shops to experiment with various kinds of coffee beans and roasting procedures. That translates to more coffee varieties, which, of course, is a win!

The verdict is that all coffee roasts have an exciting blend of flavors and aromatics. They're all worth trying, and really it's about being open to as many as you can.

Different Coffee Roasts

Now that you know more about the coffee roasting process, learn more about the following kinds to guide you through the different flavors you can enjoy:

1. Light

Lightly roasted coffee is characterized by its light brown hue. Because its flavor is derived more from the actual beans than the roasting, the beans have a distinctly acidic taste. This also means that little oil is released, resulting in beans that will brew mellow coffee with often bold flavors.

If you are more about your love for the origin of the coffee beans, you will definitely enjoy the lighter roasts. This type of coffee is best enjoyed in the afternoon as a post-workout drink on the weekends. 

2. Medium

If you love having the best of both worlds (roasting and coffee bean origin), the medium coffee roast is your ideal choice. Unlike the light roast, medium roasts have more visible oil since the beans have sat longer in the roasting process. This gives them a rich brown color with a mildly acidic and more aromatic kick. There is also a distinctly sweet note with each brew.

Medium roast is known as the most basic variety as compared to the others. It is perfect for new coffee lovers.

3. Dark

Made for the more adventurous coffee drinkers, the dark roast is known for its deep coffee flavor with notes of nuttiness and sweet tang.  As the beans have gone through an intense roasting process, there is a distinctly golden oily surface that appears with each brew, which allows you to distinguish a truly authentic dark roast.

The rich dark roast has been regarded in the coffee industry as the king of all brews for decades since its aroma is undeniable and best served piping hot in the morning.


With this coffee roasting guide, become a truly authentic coffee drinker by enjoying different blends today!

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