Understanding Chromium: Its Significant Role in Weight Loss

By Admin Wed, Oct 07, 20

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You may not be familiar with the compound, but chromium is an essential part of your health. Although only trace amounts of chromium are needed by your body, other people live with a deficiency of the substance. Unfortunately, it’s a mineral that can only be found in certain foods, which helps the insulin made by the pancreas to break down carbohydrates.

Chromium picolinate is a substance used in alternative medicine used to treat the deficiency, aiding people suffering from diabetes lower their cholesterol, control blood sugar levels, and in some cases, aid in weight loss.

Most people, especially those suffering from diabetes, turn to chromium for help, but its effectiveness remains uncertain. To help you understand the compound better, here’s a breakdown of all its known benefits. Let’s begin.

Chromium’s Role in Weight Loss

Healthcare providers always express the importance of a good exercise regiment, as this helps your body stay strong and healthy. Such activities must come with a healthy diet, however, as this is how your body recuperates and grows, allowing it to function properly with the right nutrients.

Bear in mind that a body operating in the right nutritional balance always performs at its best, especially when it comes to supporting the immune system, building muscles, and of course, reducing hunger. By getting the correct amount of nutrients, you reduce unhealthy cravings.

One of the most essential nutrients, albeit in small amounts only, is chromium. It helps your body utilize the food you consume, aiding your insulin in transportation. With a deficit, your body will have trouble losing weight and grow hungrier, as the essential nutrients are never absorbed.

By ensuring that your body has the proper amount of chromium, you prevent the cycle of weight gain and extreme cravings from happening.

How It Improves Blood Sugar

Healthy people enjoy the benefits of insulin, a hormone of which is responsible for letting the body have access to the right amounts of sugar into the bloodstream. People with diabetes, however, cannot function properly without external insulin. With the help of chromium supplements, however, you allow your body to respond to the hormone accordingly.

By helping stabilize your glucose metabolism, you prevent your body from exacerbating the effects of insulin resistance, thereby hampering your diabetes from worsening. Unfortunately, chromium is not easily absorbed. Supplements must be taken with a healthy diet, one that contains vegetables, fruits, and lean protein.

Chromium can also be difficult for the elderly, as the body’s metabolism operates at much slower rates. If you wish to take chromium alongside your existing treatments and medications for your blood sugar levels, it’s always best to seek the advice of a trusted doctor. It may end up disturbing the balance your body already has, as chromium supplements are much higher in dosages. The higher the dosage, the more chances of it negatively interacting with your other medicines

Losing Weight With Chromium

While diet and exercise can help you gain the most ideal weight, especially when suffering from certain conditions, understand that your body may be functioning with deficits. Such deficiencies may include a low presence of chromium, which affects your journey towards weight loss and balanced blood sugar. While taking supplements can prove to be helpful, it’s always best to seek the help of a professional before purchasing them.

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