What To Know to Time Your Morning and Evening Coffee Right

By Admin Mon, Nov 08, 21

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As you keep up your coffee-drinking routine, you might have created an assumption in your mind that just about anytime you're comfortable drinking coffee is a great time to have it. However, some research is done and science to back up the fact that there are specific times of day perfect for drinking coffee! If you're here hoping to understand what time those are to get the most out of your brew, you're in luck. Whether you're looking to enjoy an evening sip or get you going in the mornings, here's what you need to know to drink coffee at the right moment:

What to Know to Time Your Morning and Evening Coffee Right

For many people, coffee is the go-to drink to start their day. Whether they're going to work early or simply want to get their internal engines revving, coffee helps them do so. However, the question remains: can you drink coffee at any time in the morning to maximize its benefits? Surprisingly enough, the answer is no. It was found that many individuals who are the just-got-out-of-bed-and-quickly-shuffle-to-the-kitchen-for-coffee types tend to drink their coffee a little too early. This is all due to one hormone in your body that is present right after you wake up: cortisol.

Cortisol's responsible for the alertness and focused mindset, and it also regulates things like blood pressure, immune system response, and the likes. In the mornings, cortisol levels generally peak at around half an hour after waking up. If coffee is taken before this, the caffeine can push cortisol levels too high, leaving your immune system impaired and increasing harmful effects.

To ensure you aren't hurting your body with your morning coffee, it is recommended that you take coffee around a couple of hours after waking up. For example, if you wake up at seven in the morning, you can drink coffee around three hours later at ten in the morning. While it might sound a little too late, you'll find out that delaying your morning drink will keep you awake for much longer!

That said, if you are looking to enjoy a cup of coffee during the evening, the rule is simple. Drink at least six hours ahead before bedtime if you want to sleep normally. This is because caffeine is known to stick around for at least three to five hours at a time. This is the time frame where if you tried to go to sleep, you'd find yourself tossing and turning, chasing sheep. If you still want to enjoy coffee later in the evenings still, we recommend opting for decaf or herbal tea. 


Keep in mind that coffee's effects can differ from one person to another. One person may experience the caffeine's effects for up to only one or two hours, while others can feel it for up to five hours or more. Regardless, timing your coffee is always essential, and if you can, we highly recommend experimenting with the information we've shared with you. With that, regardless of the time, we highly recommend only drinking quality, functional coffee to boost your energy levels. This way, not only do you increase your energy levels, but benefit your bodies in many ways for a healthy, happy coffee-drinking experience!

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