The Wonders of Natural Ingredients: 3 Benefits of Ginseng

The Wonders of Natural Ingredients: 3 Benefits of Ginseng

by LJB Communications

Many consumers are adapting to the trend of purchasing products infused with herbal medicine as ingredients. For this reason, many brands are utilizing these natural fruits, vegetables, and spices to add health benefits to their product lines.

Ginseng is a common ingredient in Chinese traditional medicine, which comes in white and red variants. Two of the more popular strains are American (Panax quinquefolius and Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng). These two are potent additions to any product since they have antioxidant properties and relieve other ailments.

The benefits of using natural remedies

Our bodies are more susceptible to ailments and diseases as we grow older, which is why many consumers are becoming more concerned about their health. Unfortunately, the human body also becomes weaker in accepting potent medicine that can have strong side effects. This is why many people are looking for natural solutions like ginseng as an alternative.

If you don’t think you should try out ginseng-infused products, here are three benefits of taking ginseng you should know.

1. Promotes anti-inflammatory reactions

Ginseng’s function in traditional medicine is to reduce inflammation in humans. Inflammation isn’t just a common symptom for external wounds and bruises; it can also present in internal organs. This is why ginseng is helpful for skin-related diseases like eczema, and also with internal inflammation like throat and stomach irritation. Additionally, ginseng improves your body’s antioxidant capacity within your cells. Its effect on reducing oxidative stress is due to its influence on increasing the activities of antioxidant enzymes.

2. Relieves erectile dysfunction

As men go past their prime ages, they are susceptible to experience erectile dysfunction (ED). Although traditional medicine has its solutions, nature also provides its own answer through ginseng. The oxidative stress and damage to blood vessels in the tissue are the main symptoms of ED, which ginseng can remedy by activating enzymes and improving muscle relaxation. Ginseng also boosts nitric oxide production, increasing blood circulation around the body.

Although tests are still inconclusive about ginseng’s permanent effects, there are reports of ED patients experiencing noticeable improvements with ginseng. A dosage of 1,000 mg of aged ginseng extract proves to be an effective way to reduce the effects of ED after 8 weeks of taking it as a supplement.

3. Increases brain functions

It’s not uncommon for herbal medicine to provide a solution to illnesses while also strengthening the body’s internal functions. Tests show that ginseng has the amazing effect of improving several brain functions, like mood and memory.

A study with test tube animals reveals that ginseng’s ginsenosides and compound K protect the brain against external free radicals that can enter your body. Another study reveals that people who consume around 200 mg of Panax ginseng daily will experience improved mood and social functioning.

Several studies point to a minimum dosage of at least 200-400mg strengthens the brain’s mental performance and resistance against fatigue. Its ability to assist in the uptake of blood sugar by cells points to the stronger durability of participants with more robust brain function. The strengthening that ginseng provides is the main point for research on many Alzheimer’s studies that may consider it as a viable natural solution for the disease.


Ginseng is an incredible ingredient that has existed for centuries. Its return to popularity in different forms and variants is proof that natural remedies are making a comeback in the consumer market. Although natural solutions shouldn’t replace your current prescription for your condition, it doesn’t hurt to add a little bit of nature’s remedy to your recovery.

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