The Truth About Coffee: Good Pre-Workout Drink or Not?

By Admin Tue, Jun 30, 20

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Coffee remains an untouchable staple in the lives of many, mostly because of its ability to quickly boost energy levels. From that fact alone, it should perform well as a pre-workout drink, but that still remains in question.

Many swear by coffee as the pre-workout drink of their choice, claiming it has given them the edge they need to exercise better, but others still argue against it.

To properly determine whether coffee was responsible for the added edge or not, we have to go into how coffee interacts with our bodies. It is a well-known fact that the caffeine in coffee is responsible for waking someone up, but what else does coffee do?

How caffeine affects the body

The energy boost in coffee comes from its complicated relationship with a chemical called adenosine in the brain. Adenosine is responsible for a number of brain functions, including the feeling of tiredness. What caffeine does is take the place of adenosine by binding with the adenosine receptors.

It basically tricks the body into feeling less tired.

Caffeine also triggers adrenaline supply, which increases heart rate, alertness, circulation, and the opening of the airways. It can also prevent dopamine, which is the hormone responsible for good feelings, from being reabsorbed into the body. What that means is that it helps the good feelings from whatever we’re doing last longer.

From these facts alone, it’s easy enough to say that coffee can be a good pre-workout drink. It generates more energy, readies the body for physical stimulation, and helps us feel good about whatever we’re doing. It also helps us breathe better and distribute oxygen to the rest of our body.

The negative effects of coffee

The consumption of coffee, however, is not without its side-effects. Caffeine is a known diuretic, which can cause us to urinate more frequently for a short period of time. That increases the risk of dehydration.

Frequent consumption of coffee can also dull the brain’s various receptors, meaning it can be addictive. If you’ve reached an addictive state with coffee, it means that you’ll need to consume more and more caffeine to achieve the same effects.

Caffeine is also unsafe for people with blood pressure issues and heart conditions.

In increased amounts, it has also been known to cause headaches, migraines, confusion, and forgetfulness. It can also worsen anxiety, cause insomnia, and digestive issues.


Like nearly anything humans can consume, coffee works best in moderation. Much of these long-term effects are only caused by excessive coffee drinking. This doesn’t even take into account the increased intake of sugar and cream if you don’t take your coffee black.

While coffee does have its pros, it all boils down to discipline. In controlled amounts, coffee can give you that perfect boost in the morning. Coffee can help you transcend your physical limits. And coffee can help make exercise a more enjoyable experience, so long as you are careful.

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