The Many Health Benefits of Green Tea According to Science

By Admin Tue, Mar 02, 21

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There are two types of drinkers in the world: coffee drinkers and tea drinkers. Like coffee drinkers, tea drinkers also have many options, and one of the most popular tea variants is green tea. If it is also your favorite tea drink and you want to understand how it can benefit your health, we have some scientifically proven research and claims about its benefits.


What Is Green Tea?


The leaves used in green tea are from the Camellia sinensis tea plant, where most teas come from. It is a drink that originated in China that has become a popular drink worldwide. If you brew the green tea leaves, you will get a green, yellow, or light brown drink. In terms of taste, it could range from sweet-tasting seaweed to toasted and grass-like.


Its Many Health Benefits


Green tea has been used for medicinal practices in East Asia for centuries in countries. Until now, it still brings many health benefits to regular drinkers.


If you are a green tea lover or planning to be one, here are some of its essential health benefits you should know about:


Keeps You Alert and Helps the Brain Function Better


Coffee is not the only drink that has caffeine as its active ingredient. Green tea also has this stimulant, so it can help keep you awake when you need to. It is the best alternative drink if you do not want to experience the jittery effect of consuming too much caffeine. More than keeping you alert, it also helps boost your brain function. In one study, scientists proved that green tea could help activate one's working memory and attention span.


Helps Lower Blood Sugar Levels


Green tea is proven to help manage blood sugar levels for people diagnosed with diabetes. Generally, people with diabetes can no longer produce insulin as they should. However, studies show that green tea can help reduce fasting insulin concentration or insulin resistance. Green tea can also lower fasting glucose, which could help keep their condition stable.


Helps You Reduce Fats


In one study involving obese subjects, the researchers concluded that green tea could effectively reduce body weight. The result occurs because of the subject's increased energy expenditure and the process of fat oxidation.


Another study also suggests that the caffeine in green tea effectively suppresses people's appetite. Drinking tea can also speed up the body's calorie-burning process, making them a great drink option for those who want to feel lighter.


Lowers Your Risk of Cancer


Several studies have shown how green tea compounds can successfully protect one against getting the risk of cancer. In one particular study, increased green tea consumption reduces breast cancer recurrence risk in studied women.


Another study also suggests that men who drink green tea have a lower chance of developing advanced prostate cancer. While many more studies are needed to back up these claims, they provide a healthy starting reference.


Helps Prevent Cardiovascular Disease


Green tea properties can improve the blood's antioxidant capacity, protecting the LDL (low-density lipoproteins) particles from oxidation. As a result, you lower your risk of heart disease. This research also showed that people who drink tea moderately have a slower progression when it comes to coronary artery calcium deposits, reducing the risk of acquiring cardiovascular conditions.




Tea is a tasteful and calming drink with many benefits. If you are not a fan of coffee, try this drink as an alternative. Green tea is packed with antioxidants and other health-promoting compounds that your body would enjoy. Consider drinking a cup regularly to get the optimal health benefits.


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