The Effects of Drinking Coffee Before and After a Run

By Admin Tue, Mar 23, 21

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Whether it’s in an iced smoothie or a hot cappuccino, coffee is just a comfort drink that’s delectable to sip. It’s a morning staple that almost everyone sips at least once a day. However, people can be a little more adventurous with how they fit coffee into their daily routine and when they should have the drink. 

Some love having it during lunch, while others enjoy a cup of joe in the afternoon just after finishing work. Meanwhile, there are people who love drinking coffee before a run in their neighborhood or the park. Some people would instead consume it before and after a sprint.

There are some elements to consider before deciding whether this is a coffee intake that can fit you, though. Here are some of the relevant effects of coffee that you’ll want to think about:

Caffeinated Energy

  • Before Running: Caffeine can help you get a lot of energy that can impact your performance when you’re running. Studies found that coffee helps a lot with endurance and speed. This can be helpful during your morning jog if you’re still feeling a little sluggish. Just be a little mindful of how much you drink because of your stomach, and observe your body during the run. 
  • After Running: It can be a little bit of a pain to get to your regular daily tasks after your run. If you seem a little less lively, coffee might help you power through it. Just don’t forget to wash it down with some water to balance it out and stay hydrated since you probably broke a sweat.

Mentally Alert and Prepared

Before Running: Running can easily make you feel tired, so you can combat that with a cup of coffee before you dash off. Caffeine can help combat the usual mental exhaustion that exercise often brings, revitalizing your reflexes as you pick up your feet. You just might experience a tad bit of jitteriness afterward.

After Running: If you find that you’re typically sleepy after going for a run, you may need some coffee to stay awake and refreshed. Just be wary of consuming it a little too late in the day so you won’t ruin your sleep schedule. But if you’re hoping to just enjoy a cup of cold decaffeinated coffee, that’s totally cool too. 

Natural Benefits 

Before Running: Your body requires a whole lot more oxygen when you’re running around; that means your body may produce too many antioxidants. Coffee can help regulate that and help you avoid oxidative stress. It’s also a plus that coffee can have a slight effect on your metabolism, so you get a win-win every time.

After Running: Coffee isn’t just a delicious drink. It also helps your body recover after any strenuous ventures, boosts up your immunity to some chronic diseases, and freshens up your glycogen stores. Glycogen helps your body keep up with physical activity and avoid muscle damage.


So should you drink your coffee before or after a run? In the end, it all depends on how your body works and what you deem is best for it. It’s smart to mix in an energy-inducing drink with fitness. Just remember to take it in moderation.

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