The Best Way To Lose Weight: All About Intermittent Fasting

By Admin Mon, Jul 05, 21

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Is there a secret to losing weight?

Many fitness fads and trendy diets have popped up for the past few decades, tried and tested by celebrities and icons, promising to help people shed extra fat and become slimmer. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee you’ll achieve your body goals if you blindly believe every marketing claim advertised to you—trying as many diets as you can doesn’t give more chances of “winning.”

The Challenge of Losing Weight

Losing weight is a challenge that requires careful calculation and consideration—hoping for the next famous diet to be the answer to your weight loss problems is not the best plan of action to take. You may slim down a bit through these two methods, but your body will probably not be able to function at its best.

No one will effectively lose weight by eating just one kind of food or living off of fluids for a week! To get to a body weight you feel comfortable with, you don’t have to trim down what you eat, count the total calories you should consume each day, or stay away from some types of food.

The key to losing weight isn’t watching what you eat, but knowing when you can eat!

The Short-Term Fast

A weight-loss plan that involves the word “fasting” may seem so extreme that some may even feel apprehensive about learning about it. Although intermittent fasting does apply fasting to an extent, this practice is regarded as one of the healthiest and best ways to lose weight!

Just as its name indicates, intermittent fasting involves using an eating pattern to determine the periods of minimal or no food consumption. Standard intermittent fasting methods include fasting for 16 hours or 24 hours, twice weekly.

Intermittent fasting may have been a rising weight loss trend over the years, but this practice is nothing new. In prehistoric times, hunters and gatherers resorted to fasting for long periods because they didn’t have refrigerators, supermarkets, or food readily available.

The Impact of Intermittent Fasting

Fasting for a certain number of hours every day or a single meal for a few days every week is more effective in losing weight than any other diet. By fasting for a few hours, your body has a longer time to exhaust its sugar stores and eventually burn off fat.

Intermittent fasting isn’t just an effective weight loss practice—with the right plan, you can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, ultimately leading to a possibly longer and better life.

Even with a well-thought-out intermittent fasting plan, sticking to an easy pattern isn’t easy because of the cravings you may have throughout the fasting period. To effectively curb your food cravings, we recommend drinking black coffee for weight loss so that you can stick to your set eating pattern.


If watching what you eat hasn’t proved to be effective in shedding pounds, then you may want to try determining when you should eat. Intermittent may be the solution to your weight loss problem! As long as you consult your doctor about the best intermittent fasting plan and regularly drink the best diet coffee, you’re sure to burn your body fat in no time!

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