Superfoods 101: 4 Ways to Integrate Mushrooms Into Your Diet

By Admin Tue, Jun 23, 20

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In this day and age, there has been certain stress placed on pushing for better and healthier lifestyles. Taking on this challenge for a healthier tomorrow has found many individuals seeking more holistic fitness activities and well-rounded diets.

Nutrition is a large part of health, which is why many have turned towards supplements and “superfoods” for help in meeting the daily nutritional needs of a body. Superfood has become the term for food products that have a lot of nutritional value and purported health benefits. There have been many reported superfoods, chief among which is the popular food filler known as the mushroom.

Mushroom Superfoods

Mushrooms, in general, are delectable fungi that have age-old roots in alternative medicine. Certain species of these—most notably the Chaga and Lion’s Mane—have been reported to have adaptogenic effects. This means that ingesting these are good for your overall health, providing you with a clearer mind and a healthier constitution.

While mushrooms are easy enough to consume, many find simply munching on them daily an incredibly boring and tiresome task. In order to help you in this regard, here are four fun and delectable ways you can integrate mushroom superfood into your diet.

Cook them with your food

It’s one thing to simply boil your mushrooms and eat them as is, but adding it into your daily recipes can have your superfood intake without getting bored of it.

You can chop some Lion’s Mane into little pieces and sautee’ them in onions and garlic to act as a great snack or even as a main course meal. You can even put them in an omelet to have a fun egg-based dish. Better yet, you can use them as a meat-substitute and start eating vegan!

Mix them in a shake

For the average person on-the-go, cooking might be too time-consuming to do on a daily basis. Luckily, there are powdered versions that you can utilize for your beverages.

One of the most popular ways to consumer mushroom superfood is to integrate them with your shakes. Whether it’s for your workout protein shake or just your dessert milkshake, a spoonful of powdered adaptogenic mushrooms can give you the nutrition you need to keep you going.

Infuse it with your tea

If cold shakes aren’t your thing, then you can also mix it in with your nightly tea. Not only is tea highly nutritional and good for calming the mind, adding the powdered adaptogenic mushrooms can add a whole new layer of nutrition into your evening cup. You can add some milk or honey for added taste and nutrition too!

Drink it in your coffee

For the best results, adaptogenic mushrooms should be taken on a daily basis—which is why adding it into your coffee is the best option. You can start the day with your morning coffee and add the nutrition of mushroom superfood to keep you powered throughout the whole day.


Mushrooms are some of the best superfoods to add to your diet. Through some simple creativity, you can infuse these adaptogenic food supplements into your daily food and beverage intake—thus granting you the health benefits without causing you to shift your diet entirely.

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