The Power of Putting Turmeric in Your Coffee

By Admin Mon, May 03, 21

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If you can’t enjoy your mornings without a cup of coffee, but you’ve been feeling a little bored of your usual mix, you may want to experiment with it by adding some turmeric. While you may balk at adding spice to your rich java cup, it’s important to remember that coffee has seen many different collaborations over the years that were initially just as surprising. At some point, adding chocolate to coffee was unheard of, yet it’s become incredibly popular! For instance, many people have experimented with butter coffee, mushroom coffee, and even cannabis coffee.

People have been mixing things up with their coffee cop by toying with other ingredients that add more flavor without packing on the calories. Turmeric coffee is the best of both worlds, as turmeric is easily one of the most famous plants in modern natural medicine thanks to its powerful healing properties.

Historic Use of Turmeric

Turmeric has long been used in India and Southeast Asia as both a superfood and a medicine. It’s a crucial ingredient in many Asian cuisines, thanks to its exceptional medicinal properties, helping Asians combat diseases even before the advent of modern medicine. With its powerful anti-inflammatory effects and strong antioxidant qualities, turmeric makes your coffee a little heartier and a whole lot healthier. In fact, since it can fight inflammation, it can help prevent many chronic diseases like cancer, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and even Alzheimer’s. The ingredient has long been tried and tested to excellent results, so you’ll want to add some to your morning brew!

The Health Benefits of Drinking Turmeric Coffee

You’ll enjoy many benefits from drinking turmeric coffee. Turmeric reduces arthritis symptoms, helping relieve joint pain. Its potent anti-inflammatory properties minimize oxidative stress, which is linked to low-grade inflammation. When chronic, this can result in health problems, making it a great ingredient to add to your daily diet.

If you’ve been hoping that drinking coffee helps you lose weight, putting in turmeric may do just that. It boosts insulin sensitivity, moderates lipid metabolism, and inhibits the processes connected to the growth of fat. It even improves your skin health since it improves collagen synthesis, which means your skin repairs itself faster.

Your morning cup helps you wake up, become alert, and feel more energized to begin your day. Adding a dose of turmeric powder will take your productivity and focus to the next level. It improves brain function due to its antioxidants, which enhance DHA synthesis, crucial for brain health. If you regularly fight off allergies and asthma, turmeric can decrease your asthma attacks and soothe the inflammation caused by allergy, reducing allergy-related symptoms. Additionally, it detoxifies your liver and helps you manage headaches and migraines, truly making it a superfood.


Adding a full teaspoon of turmeric into your morning cup is a great way to enjoy all its health benefits while spicing up your morning routine. If you’re not a fan of its strong taste, you can counter it by adding some orange zest or ground ginger, giving it a refreshing twist. With all these benefits of turmeric, you’ll be looking forward to drinking turmeric coffee every chance you get!

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