Obesity, Hormones, and Coffee: How Are They Related?

By Admin Mon, Nov 09, 20

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Obesity is the condition of excessive fat accumulation that can present a health risk. There are behavioral factors that can cause it, but there are also genetic reasons behind it. This article will focus on how obesity and hormones are related and will answer the frequently asked question: Can coffee help you lose weight?

Obesity and Its Relation to Hormones

Hormones are chemical substances secreted by the body’s endocrine glands and act like messenger molecules in the bloodstream. They travel from one part of the body to the next and control and coordinate how cells and organs perform their functions. As such, hormonal imbalances can lead to health problems for some people.

For example, people become obese when their bodies produce a high level of the following hormones: leptin, insulin, sex hormones, and growth hormones. When there is an overproduction of these hormones, they promote abnormal metabolism that can cause a person’s body to accumulate more fat. 

Let us discuss each of these hormones one by one. 

Leptin: The Appetite-Reducing Hormone

Leptin is a hormone produced by fat cells. They circulate in the bloodstream and go to the brain. Their primary role is to regulate fat storage and control how many calories a person eats and burns, and they do it by reducing their urge to eat when they feel full.

People who are obese have a higher level of these fat-produced hormones. However, they do not respond to leptin as people with average weight would. There is still ongoing research for the explanation behind this, but people with higher leptin do not feel full when eating, prompting them to eat more.

Insulin: The Carbohydrates- and Metabolism-Regulating Hormone

Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas. After you eat, carbohydrates become glucose and enter the bloodstream. Insulin is responsible for regulating these blood sugar levels. 

People who are obese have higher levels of insulin. However, their insulin fails to function correctly. As a result, they develop type II diabetes or metabolic syndrome (the combination of diabetes and hypertension).

Estrogen: The Sex Hormone

Estrogen is a sex hormone that performs many roles in the body, from controlling puberty to strengthening the bones. Having too little or too much of it can cause various medical conditions. Women produce these hormones in their ovaries, while men’s estrogen comes from their fat. 

Changes in the production of this hormone are associated with body fat distribution, and according to some animal studies, the lack of estrogen can lead to unwanted abdominal fat. 

The Growth Hormone

The growth hormone is responsible for fueling childhood growth, maintaining healthy body tissues and organs, and regulating metabolism. According to research, the growth hormone levels in people who are obese tend to be lower than those with normal weight. Growth hormone deficiency is also associated with increased body fat and lower lean body mass. 

How Coffee Can Help

Now, you might be asking, does coffee make you lose weight? Our Lean Joe Bean coffees are scientifically tested and approved to target critical hormones that control fat storage in the body. As a result, you will get a better hormonal balance in your body and a more lean and sculpted physique. 

Our coffee is fueled by the powerful combination of CitriMax and Chromemate, which can effectively reduce your appetite and boost your metabolism. It does this while promoting healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

While our coffee can help you lose some weight, it is still recommended that users follow a strict diet and exercise regimen for successful weight loss. 


People become obese for various reasons, and hormones are just one of them. Consult with your doctor to determine the cause behind your condition before you try any remedy. Knowing the root of the weight change can help you find the right solution to address the problem. As always, seek professional advice before trying out new products.

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