Mushroom Coffee: A Beginner's Guide to Its Wonders

By Admin Mon, Mar 15, 21

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Given that coffee has nearly been around since the dawn of man, it’s no surprise that it comes in all sorts of different interpretations, recipes, and forms—with the strangest of which being mushroom coffee.

Look, we get it: mushroom coffee is every bit as strange as it can sound. It is unheard of to most people, and the principal ingredient is something you only deal with in your burgers and omelets. Lately, however, this special kind of brew has become a lot more sought after by health buffs and connoisseurs alike because of its unique properties and abundance of promised benefits. 

But you’re also probably thinking about one question in mind: what makes it worth drinking and switching up your regular bean juice for, in the first place? 

How does it become coffee?

The typical cup of mushroom coffee, contrary to popular belief, isn’t some kind of brew that’s made by dunking precious oysters and shiitakes in a vat of piping-hot water and waiting for a magic finish.

At Lean Joe Bean, we make our highly rated mushroom coffee with a quality mix of powdered mushrooms that are blended with ground coffee. Although such a blend may seem rather unconventional at first, the ratios that both ingredients are mixed at help create a perfectly balanced brew.

The result? A mix where there is enough coffee to mask the rather unwanted flavor of mushrooms while maintaining a strong and full body. It allows every brew to be much more healthy for an uptick of energy, focus, and overall wellness! 

Why it pays to start drinking mushroom coffee 

When you look at the idea of mushroom coffee from a general perspective, you’ll quickly realize that a growing number of people enjoy it and make it a staple of their morning routine because of the benefits it provides. If you’re looking for a reason to try a Lean Joe Bean brew beyond the premise of trying something new, here are a few benefits that will convince you to start drinking more cups ASAP: 

It promotes overall wellness

If you were to ask any regular drinker of mushroom coffee about why they can’t stop drinking it, they’d probably tell you about the difference it makes in their overall wellness—and for good reason.

Thanks to the inherent properties that come with various species of mushrooms—such as Oyster mushrooms or the famed white lion’s mane—each cup bears value in the form of cognitive benefits. 

More trials have yet to be carried out in an effort to understand the full scope of various types of fungi in terms of their impact on one’s wellness. However, many are hopeful for solidified, quotable benefits because of positive reviews! 

If you want a much more convenient experience when it comes to enjoying your everyday cup of mushroom coffee, stock up on a few boxes of Lean Joe Bean’s mushroom coffee by checking out our online store today!

It’s flexible when it comes to flavor 

Like regular coffee, mushroom coffee can be interpreted in all sorts of ways, with each of them having its own unique flavor that can make your morning, afternoon, or evening cups much more special. Regardless if you want to make things a lot healthier by adding a splash of oat milk for mild sweetness or full-cream dairy, you’re bound to have an enjoyable experience when it comes to a flavor that goes far beyond your expectations! 


As strange of an idea as it may seem at first thought, drinking mushroom coffee is one of the best things you can do for your body because of the wide range of benefits it provides. If you’re looking to switch up your everyday brew and treat yourself to something unique and great for your health, then take this as a sign to stock up on a few boxes today! 

At Lean Joe Bean, we take pride in the fact that we’ve got you covered with the best mushroom coffee that you’ll find in America. Get in touch with us today and place your order by visiting our online store!

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