What to Know about Coffee and How It Affects Your Body

By Admin Tue, Dec 21, 21

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With the right level of consumption, coffee can have really beneficial effects on your body. We all know it’s a great pick-me-up, hence its iconic role in pretty much everybody’s morning routine. However, do you know what exactly coffee does and how it affects your metabolism? Different types of coffee even have varying effects that you may benefit from.

Effects of Coffee on the Body

Coffee has various positive effects on the body with proper consumption. The recommended intake is around two to five cups a day (without going over 400mg a day) to lower the risk of heart and liver diseases, diabetes, and even depression. It has many distinctive effects to be seen as you drink:

  • Increased focus and alertness
  • Boosted metabolic rate, resulting in calories getting converted into energy better
  • Increased fat-burning capacity, especially when combined with healthy physical activity
  • Stimulation to combat fatigue
  • Increasing phyto compounds that, in turn, lower the risk of developing cancer and other chronic diseases with potentially fatal outcomes

Coffee as a Keto Staple

Because of its health benefits and potential for weight loss, coffee on keto has become a lifestyle staple. On its own, coffee is completely keto-friendly, so it won’t ruin your diet or the fasting you might be incorporating into your daily schedule. 

It has no ingredients that combat the ketosis your body needs to undergo, plus it has no calories or carbs. Of course, this means you cannot be using any sugars or sweeteners in your keto coffee. Sugar-free options and some heavy cream can still be used, as long as you don’t go over 2 grams. A popular option is to put some butter in your coffee.

The big term you may hear about a lot is “bulletproof coffee.” It is a high-calorie coffee drink that can be taken as a meal on its own. It’s a good way to kickstart your day in a keto-friendly way and still get those necessary calories in without risking weight gain. Bulletproof coffee incorporates unsalted butter and MCT oil. Of course, many experts still prefer plain coffee to bulletproof, mainly for the risk-to-benefit ratio difference. 

Additions That Hurt Coffee Benefits

Many people have a misconception that coffee is innately troublesome. The problem actually usually comes from added ingredients that people include in their coffee drinks. Although you can still consume them in moderation, you should really minimize these other common coffee inclusions.

  • Sugar: This is what makes coffee a risk factor for diabetes and weight gain.
  • Creamer: Artificial ones, in particular, can actually make you feel more fatigued. You should simply opt for other natural options that won’t trigger allergies or make your coffee counterproductive.


Consuming coffee as intended can really make your body feel better. Whether you are going for classics like black or arabica coffee or more unique variations like doppio or turmeric coffee, you can really get some good out of the ol’ caffeine kick. Try out different coffee blends to find the flavor that suits your taste and enjoy the positive effects.

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