Is Drinking Coffee Effective for Weight Loss?

By Admin Tue, Aug 18, 20

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Modern consumers are becoming more conscious about what they eat and drink, popularizing diet regimens and fitness routines again. Of the many theories and weight loss methods out there, many people are reluctant to try drinking coffee. Although caffeine contains energizing properties, some people doubt its effectiveness in helping them lose weight.

Effects of coffee on male and female drinkers

Coffee is a diuretic that causes people to urinate more often without causing dehydration. Drinking a cup of coffee can also promote your body to stimulate brown fat that burns your calories to generate body heat. Its weight loss properties show significant results in women, particularly in reducing their belly and total body fat.

Research shows that a female’s total body fat percentage goes down 2.8% lower after drinking two to three cups of coffee daily. These results were consistent, regardless of whether the drink was caffeinated or not.

Unfortunately, its effects aren’t as effective in men. A study revealed that men aged between 20 and 44 who drank the same amount of coffee daily only experienced a loss of 1.8% total fat at most. Regardless of these differences between men and women test subjects, the results point toward potential bioactive compounds in coffee that can directly improve weight loss programs.

Progressive increase in weight loss figures

Coffee contains antioxidants and diterpenes, which don’t just add flavor but also promote physiological changes. Continued research of female participants showed a relationship between a person’s intake of coffee and total body fat percentage.

Age groups between 20 to 44 had the lowest levels of trunk fat or adiposity at 3.4%. Moreover, women who consumed four or more cups had over 4.1% of fat loss. Because of these findings, coffee could potentially contribute to a healthy diet program to reduce chronic weight gain conditions, such as obesity.

Other benefits of coffee

A 24-week investigation on coffee’s impact on overweight individuals in Singapore tested the viability of coffee in fighting type 2 diabetes. The test is for lowering the body’s insulin resistance so that the participants’ bodies won’t experience dramatic spikes in their blood sugar levels.

Although the test didn’t reflect its hypothesized results, the researchers did find a correlation of weight loss among the coffee drinkers. Besides a drop in overall body fat, the participants also experienced suppression of their appetites.


It can be problematic for non-coffee drinkers to immediately commit to a routine of four cups of coffee a day. Too much caffeine in the body can result in rapid heartbeats, stomach distress, chronic headaches, and jitters. These effects are also present in other products with caffeine, such as carbonated sodas and energy drinks. It would be best if you stayed away from mixing these beverages since it can do more than upset your stomach.

If you want to achieve a healthier lifestyle, you should always remember your body’s limits. Your body needs time to adapt when you introduce anything new, whether it’s a new diet or fitness routine. That’s why fitness workouts usually start light then gradually becomes rigorous later on. Remember to listen to your body’s adjustment to the different meals and exercises that you want to add to your routine.

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