Green Tea: Does It Assist In Weight Loss?

By Admin Mon, Nov 30, 20

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Many people are going crazy about green tea nowadays, which is more popularly known as matcha. It’s found in desserts, drinks, and even skincare and wellness products because of its known benefits to human life. While it is a fan favorite worldwide, people are likely unaware that it can actually assist in weight loss and even achieving a healthier body. 

Tea has been around for decades and has been practically a golden trade item back in the olden days. There are plenty of benefits that various plant leaves have on people’s lifestyles, which have been observed for centuries. Asian countries prefer tea over coffee in many instances, and even the British cannot go a day without having a sip. 

Green Tea

Green tea is from the same family as black tea but is processed differently. It has caffeine and even a unique flavor that can remove the existence of other sugary drinks in a person’s diet. Many use it to fuel their day and to get the antioxidants present in the leaves. It is popularly used in drinks like milk tea and other kinds of sweetened beverages, but consuming it in its purest form might give the same effects as black coffee for weight loss and other benefits. 

It May Just Help You Lose Weight

Weight gain comes from improper dieting, and many of those who are unable to shed excess pounds struggle with giving up sugary or calorie-rich drinks. While there is plenty of evidence that using black coffee for weight loss is significant, adding sugars and fats to the mix removes the drink’s properties. 

Green tea comes in extract or drinkable form, and there have been a few respectable trials that have suggested that the consumption of this product has assisted weight loss in some way. It might not be explicitly proven that it sheds excess weight, but there is definitely a difference when people consume it over sweetened beverages. The leaves contain a catechin called epigallocatechin gallate, known to inhibit the digestion of carbohydrates and their absorption. When dieting with low carbohydrate programs, using green tea can help with the overall processing of these, which can turn them away from gaining weight. 

Detox Qualities

Green tea detox programs are also known to work, as certain tea products have antioxidant properties. With the ability to cleanse the body thanks to its naturally occurring state, tea leaves can definitely run detox programs by combining them with juices and other consumables. Thanks to antioxidants, there is also a belief that consuming this drink or supplement can prevent certain cancers from developing. Other benefits include better memory retention, heart disease prevention, and other overall health boosts. 

How About Matcha?

Matcha is the powdered version of green tea. While not many studies have been conducted to see matcha’s abilities to boost weight loss, experts are equating it to tea leaves. Since the powders typically come from crushed leaves, they are assumed to have similar effects and properties, provided that they are naturally occurring and unsweetened. 


The best tea for weight loss is a close battle, but many benefits come from consuming these naturally occurring leaves in the first place. Whether it is green tea or black variants, these are all very good and have remarkable antioxidant properties. Choosing the right tea product for you will help you receive the full range of benefits and give you all the best antioxidant properties. 

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