How to Improve Your Mood with Coffee

By Admin Mon, Jan 04, 21

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Most of us know someone who is a moody, negative shadow of themselves until they have their morning cup of joe. This person might even be you—someone whose mood is greatly influenced by their coffee intake. 

As seen with people who depend on coffee to go about their day, a cup can significantly influence people’s moods. It’s a great mood booster, but how does it actually work? Do happy coffee diets really work, or is it a placebo effect instead of a result from the caffeine? 

Knowing just how coffee can affect your mood will allow you to appreciate its presence in your daily routine all the more. Here’s how coffee can be beneficial to improving your mood, amongst other positive effects. 

Coffee Can Help with Positivity

Is there really a way to be happier with coffee? According to a study that did tests on men and women, some level of happiness could be achieved with coffee consumption. Though nothing can produce genuine happiness as governed by the body’s hormones, it was found that coffee can mimic the feel-good properties that people can get from antidepressants. By giving the coffee drinker a serotonin boost, a cup helps to balance one’s mood and overall outlook, mimicking the feel-good happiness that you might get from a very mild antidepressant.

Other coffee products can also help individuals lose weight, leading to higher levels of self-esteem. Drinking coffee and losing weight are related as coffee helps to suppress the appetite for short periods. While drinking black coffee for weight loss can be effective, many different types of coffee are available on the market that can be more effective, such as keto skinny coffee. Although a better physique is not the sole secret to happiness, confidence in one’s appearance can definitely contribute to their positive daily outlook. 

Coffee Can Help Alleviate Some Symptoms of Depression

People who drink coffee may feel highly energetic, positive, and productive, all of which are positive opposites of emotions people experience because of depression. A study conducted has shown that people who continuously had caffeine for ten years showed a lower risk of depression. Since caffeine helps reduce stress levels by blocking the receptors responsible for it, levels of depression are also lowered. This works best when consumed in moderation, as too much coffee can lead to symptoms like paranoia and muscle tremors.

Coffee Helps with Alertness Levels

Mental alertness is one of the main reasons why people drink coffee, especially at the start of a slow morning where they need boosts in their concentration levels. Caffeine consumption of anywhere between 100 to 200 mg can help mental alertness. For comparison, a large cup of coffee bought from a shop has about 330 mg of caffeine, while instant coffee has about 150 mg. A happy medium is perfect for the right level of alertness to be attentive and productive. One should be careful not to over-consume caffeine as this can lead to heightened levels of anxiety. 

This effect of coffee can also help keep you awake and alert after a night of drinking alcohol without totally counteracting its effects. 

Coffee Promotes Ethical Behavior

While ethical behavior doesn’t exactly qualify as a mood benefit of caffeine consumption, doing the right things can contribute to more positive emotions. As many people will attest to, tiredness can lead to poor decision-making as a consequence of a lack of clarity and focus. Having coffee in the workplace can help employees make more surefooted decisions since they’re thinking clearly and with a level of alertness. Being asked to do something questionable by a colleague or a superior will be easier to assess as morally unsound compared to when you’re tired, which may impair your decision-making. 


Your mood is something that always fluctuates depending on a number of factors. There’s no denying that having a positive frame of mind is more helpful in most circumstances than being in a bad mood. The right moods allow you to focus, be productive, and make better decisions, while low moods and tiredness can result in the opposite. By knowing the proper amount of coffee to drink to stimulate good moods and energy levels, you can be a happier and more industrious individual overall. 

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