woman drinking coffee

How to Boost your Energy Without the Coffee Jitters

by LJB Communications

Many people need coffee to kickstart their day—it effectively gets rid of the drowsiness and gives them the push they need to power through the next few hours. 

Despite the universal appreciation for this beverage, coffee does have its drawbacks. It may make you feel more alert and awake afterward—but after a few cups, you may start to feel a bit unsettled and short of breath. You could even have a difficult time concentrating for the rest of the day because of it!

What Are Coffee Jitters?

That cup of joe may help you wake up almost immediately, but it doesn’t make you immune to the jitters. Caffeine can disrupt your circulatory system, and it can cause several side effects, such as an elevated heart rate and blood pressure. The properties contained in coffee can make your body react negatively, resulting in unpleasant coffee jitters.

Many factors contribute to the shake you feel when you drink coffee. Other than the acidity and the amount of caffeine, the sweeteners and other additives you put in your cup can also give you a jittery feeling. 

How to Fight the Jitters

Coffee jitters are uncomfortable and distressing, but they aren’t unavoidable. Getting rid of the unpleasant shaking doesn’t automatically mean forgetting about coffee altogether—you can still enjoy your favorite beverage, but not without following our tips below:

Lessen Your Coffee Intake

You can have your favorite brew every morning, but maybe not every few hours. 

Developing a dependency on caffeine will do you no good. Don’t let your coffee breaks become the highlight of your day—make sure to drink in moderation and to think twice before downing your nth cup of the day. You will immediately feel the effects once you drink less coffee than you usually do.

Drink Healthy Coffee

It’s not that the coffee you know and love is harmful to the body, but changing your blend to something much healthier will help keep your mind sharp without having to suffer from the jitters caffeine usually causes. Coffees such as our Lean Joe Bean Superfood Coffee contain the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and energized. 

Unlike regular coffee, our Superfood Coffee combines coffee and probiotics in one drink. Instead of mixing in a probiotic sachet or capsule with your drink, our coffee already has everything you can ever need. Among the many nutrients that our coffee contains, it also has  L-theanine, an amino acid that prevents the jitters, sharpens mental focus, and boosts the immune system, making it one of the best diet coffees there is!

Eat and Drink

The risk of getting coffee jitters is even more likely if you drink coffee on an empty stomach. When you constantly have your cup of joes ala carte first thing in the morning, mixed with your favorite creamer and sugar, you’re bound to experience some shaking sometime during the day.

Coffee is not a complete meal—drinking it on an empty stomach will only increase your risk of getting coffee jitters. Avoid drinking coffee alone; make sure to have it with a snack to slow the effect of caffeine on your body. Eating something gives your stomach something to digest, helping prevent the jitters. 


Energy fuels creativity, provides a sense of presence, and motivates one to overcome the day’s challenges, but you don’t have to sacrifice your health to achieve it. You can still recharge your internal battery without the coffee jitters by doing the necessary practices and drinking the right kind of coffee. When you drink coffee the right way, you can always face the day with an alert mind and a healthy body!

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