How Much Coffee You Need for Weight Loss: Our Guide

By Admin Tue, Sep 22, 20

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Among many beverages, coffee is one of the most, if not the most popular drink in the world. Although it’s a household staple, cafes are also common in every part of the globe where coffee lovers have their own favorite frappes.

However, did you know that coffee has various health benefits? It is primarily known for its stimulating property—caffeine—that improves your mood, enhances your focus, and boosts your cognitive function.

Black coffee has also become recently popular for reducing weight. However, many people are still confused about how much coffee they need to drink to lose weight. This is the question that we will further explore in this article.

Black coffee for weight loss

It’s worth knowing that black coffee has an impact on your body, as it is known as a catalyst for losing weight. For one, it has no calories, fat, or cholesterol that won’t add up to your weight. Second, its caffeine is best at increasing your metabolism to help burn out calories. Ultimately, this property keeps you energized that can boost your exercise and help you lose weight.

Keep in mind that black coffee provides the best weight reduction benefit only when combined with water. However, when you mix it with additives like sugar, creamer, and milk, this will have a different outcome. The chances are that you will increase your coffee's calorie content, which will not help you achieve your weight goal.

How much coffee you need to lose weight

You must limit your coffee consumption to at least two cups a day. Doing so will help reduce your weight by curbing your appetite, which gives you more energy for a workout and speeds up your metabolism.

Consuming more than two cups, however, is not a part of a healthy diet. This is because it may lead to health issues, such as heart palpitation, insomnia, acidity, and so much more. Keep in mind that black coffee is a mere catalyst in helping you lose weight, but it’s not the ultimate solution, meaning that you still need to have proper food consumption and a healthy lifestyle.

Setting your weight loss journey through coffee consumption

If you want to lose weight, you must include two cups of black coffee per day in a two-week diet. This must be a part of your healthy meal plan with around 1,350 calories consumed per day. As black coffee doesn’t have calories, you can measure your food and other beverage intake and not go more than 1,500 calories per day.

Be sure to take your first cup of coffee during breakfast and your second cup in mid-morning. For optimum results, opt not to add sugar, cream, or other additives. Also, know that it takes almost an hour to feel the full effects of caffeine, so taking all at once will not be the best option. Ultimately, it’s best to choose a high-quality product from a reputable supplier.


At this point, you now know how many cups of black coffee you need to take for a significant weight loss. Be sure to take note of the valuable information discussed above by maintaining a balanced diet, having regular exercise, and observing portion control to achieve your weight goal—apart from merely drinking coffee!

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