How Drinking Black Coffee in the Morning Helps in Weight Loss

By Admin Tue, Jun 30, 20

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Coffee is a popular drink, even outside the US. Many people find it hard to stay productive throughout the day without a dose of their favorite caffeinated beverage. While it does have some negative effects if consumed unwisely, coffee provides people with a lot of enhancements to start their day right.

Undeniably, drinking coffee in the morning makes many people feel equipped with the right mood and energy to navigate the day, which is why morning coffee has become a norm for coffee lovers. Likewise, drinking coffee, especially black coffee, can also aid in weight loss. Here’s how:

1. Caffeine Is a Natural Fat-Burner

According to researchers, caffeine stimulates brown fat, which is the type of fat that burns calories to keep the body warm. Because black coffee is usually filled with more caffeine than other types of coffee, the fat-burning effect is much more effective. Black coffee is also a great source of antioxidants, which helps in cleansing the body.

Drinking black coffee in the morning is better in stimulating weight loss since most people prefer to eat carbs during the rest of the day. Consuming caffeine, alongside carbs, can increase the reaction of insulin, which tells the body to store energy. If you drink black coffee after eating foods filled with carbohydrates, your body will store more energy instead of burning calories.

2. Black Coffee Controls Your Appetite

When you drink black coffee in the morning, you’re less likely to feel hungry until after a few hours. Because of this, you’re able to control your food cravings throughout the day and eat less. Additionally, your insulin levels will be controlled since you won’t be eating foods that are high in carbs. So, instead of storing more fat for energy throughout the day, your body will burn fat.

It doesn’t end there, though. Because you feel more focused, you’ll be motivated to engage in physical activities, which is vital to burn calories. Your overall caloric intake will also be lower since you won’t feel hungry until later in the day.

3. Caffeine Interferes Sleep

While this is a no-brainer, this interference is also the primary reason that you want to drink coffee in the morning, and avoid caffeine during the night, especially a few hours before your bedtime. Sleep is vital to weight loss for a lot of reasons.

Firstly, sleep is a natural fat-burning method that the body uses to regain energy. Secondly, having the right amount of sleep will keep you productive and motivated for the following day.

If you drink coffee hours before sleeping, you’ll obviously have trouble sleeping. Without much sleep, your body will feel tired the next day, and insulin will instruct it to store more energy. Because of this, it’s important to drink coffee first thing in the morning and avoid caffeine intake six hours before your bedtime.


While black coffee contains natural fat-burning effects, you want to drink your daily dose in the morning to enjoy its benefits properly. By drinking morning coffee, you’re also able to control your appetite, and as you gradually get used to this, you’ll be better at sticking to your weight loss diet. Lastly, choosing the right coffee brand will allow you to enjoy your morning coffee, improve the overall experience, and make your weight loss journey a lot more fun.

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