woman drinking coffee

The Health Benefits of Collagen Coffee: Is It Worth Trying?

by LJB Communications

Collagen and coffee? These two things get people excited! How about you get both in one? 

Collagen is well-known for its skin benefits, but there’s more to it than that! Now, there are coffees being produced with collagen, which means you get the caffeine boost and the health benefits of collagen in your cup of joe! How awesome is that, right? 

The Benefits of Collagen

Collagen is a protein in the human body that gives strength and elasticity to the skin (hence the popular skin benefits!), tendons, bones, ligaments, and connective tissue. It can help keep the skin hydrated and keep it smooth and firm. 

However, as we age, we produce less collagen. This is why you see it as an ingredient to almost every beauty product today. Moreover, a lot of people are also buying more foods that contain collagen, such as chicken, fish, berries, and white tea. 

Besides the skin benefits of collagen, it has amino acids that help with the production of keratin that is beneficial to hair and nails. 

Finally, collagen helps protect the joints and cartilage. When it doesn’t have enough protection, it can increase the risk of joint issues, affecting your mobility and comfort. 

Collagen and Your Coffee

One of the best things about having collagen in your coffee is that it’s easy to consume—you don’t forget about coffee, right? 

There are many coffee products today that come with collagen. Some purchase it separately and add it to their coffee instead. Make sure you get an unflavored version of collagen so it doesn’t affect the taste of your coffee. 

One concern about collagen in coffee is that a lot of people believe that they can’t have the coffee hot; otherwise, it could damage the collagen. The truth is, as long as the coffee is below 150 degrees Celsius, the collagen won’t be affected at all. 

The concern stems from the fact that collagen proteins can become denatured, which causes a slight change in their structure. Still, keep in mind that this doesn’t happen in coffee because it isn’t brewed at higher temperatures. With that, you can consume collagen in hot coffee!

The Results

How soon can you see the benefits? Usually, it will take between four and eight weeks of continuous use. The first thing you’ll notice is the effect on your skin, specifically moisture, elasticity, and glow. 


It’s not difficult to find collagen coffee today, as many brands are already offering it. You just have to find one from a reputable provider, and you can be confident it will give you the results you need. With that, research properly, read reviews online, and ask friends for referrals. 

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