6 Health Benefits of Adding Cinnamon to Your Cup of Coffee

By Admin Tue, Oct 19, 21

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Cinnamon added to your cup can greatly improve the taste and the overall flavor of the coffee. Aside from this, how else is adding cinnamon to your coffee beneficial? Allow us to walk you through some of the health benefits of mixing cinnamon with coffee. 

It Aids in Weight Loss

Cinnamon can empower the sweetness of your drink even without adding sugar into your coffee. So when you add one to two tablespoons of cinnamon powder or even just one cinnamon stick into your cup of coffee, you can instantly taste the sweetness. Consequently, you won’t need to add sugar into it, which definitely helps cut off on sugar, making you lose weight. 

It Helps Remedy Cellulite

Coffee is rich in antioxidants, and surprisingly, cinnamon also contains these powerful molecules that are often associated with cellulite and skincare. According to research done at Penn University, cinnamon has a high antioxidant content that allows it to act as a dietary component. So when cinnamon is added to coffee, it helps lose that cellulite.

It Helps in Fasting

When you add cinnamon into your coffee, it helps your brain stay active, especially in the morning, as cinnamon improves the cognitive processing of your brain. It also stimulates overall brain function. So when coffee is paired with cinnamon, that powerful combination can help boost your overall alertness, visual and motor responses.

It Aids in the Management of Blood Sugar Levels 

If you have a sweet tooth and want your coffee sweet, then adding cinnamon can be a lifesaver as the combination of the two makes a perfectly sweet blend of coffee. According to a research study in Georgia, the spice does not only help you cut back on sugar and calories but also help you lower your blood sugar levels which ultimately improves your body’s insulin efficiency and prevents the inflammation of joints and tissues.

It Makes You Feel Energized

Coffee gives you the kick in the morning but adding cinnamon will definitely give you an extra punch and boost of energy. Not only does it work in lowering your blood sugar, according to the Huffington post, but also it stabilizes your energy levels, thus preventing the highs and lows in blood sugar levels. So, you won’t need to worry about dragging yourself throughout the day because coffee plus cinnamon can be your perfect energy booster.

It Helps Treat Colds

Drinking hot beverages can help you relieve sore throat and cinnamon in itself helps reduce pain. Adding cinnamon to your hot coffee also helps in opening and clearing cavities and reduces the production of symptoms from a common cold. 


Drinking your coffee every day is also your moment of being one with yourself as you sip on it until the very last drop. By adding cinnamon to your coffee, it allows you to take your drink to the next level with all the health benefits.

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