5 Health Benefits of Probiotics in Green Tea

By Admin Mon, Nov 15, 21

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For hundreds of years, tea has been widely used all over the world as a preferred beverage and as a medicinal concoction. Tea on its own has many healthful benefits, including helping your body get rid of toxins. However, one particular component of tea has always been overlooked by many. Most people don’t know that a single serving of green tea contains trace amounts of prebiotics and probiotics, which are forms of good live bacteria that naturally live in your body. Let’s discover the many benefits of these good bacteria and why you should drink tea more.

Benefit #1: Tea is Good for Your Gut

If you like tea, you probably drink it a couple of times a day, almost as much as you would if you’re a coffee lover. Due to those very minute traces of probiotics in tea, you’re actually doing an excellent job of keeping a healthy gut. Your gut is basically responsible for putting your body in working order. It helps break down the food you eat and absorbs the nutrients your body needs every day. Probiotics help keep a balanced gut that can prevent a wide range of health problems, such as heart disease. So, remember to drink your tea to give your gut the boost it deserves.

Benefit #2: Keeping a Healthy Digestive Tract

Interestingly, probiotics are also great for keeping a healthy digestive tract. If you’re already suffering from several digestive issues like diarrhea or scattered bowel movements, getting your daily dose of probiotics can be of great help. The good bacteria is your best chance of putting your digestive system back on track and a lot healthier than before.

Benefit #3: Improved Heart Health

Believe it or not but the probiotics from tea can work wonders for your heart. It helps keep your blood cholesterol and blood pressure at a more manageable level. This ensures that your heart is healthy and is pumping as it should be. Pair that with a balanced diet and exercise then you’ll never have to worry about having heart problems in the future.

Benefit #4: Immune System Booster

If there’s one thing that probiotics are known for, it’s aiding your immune system and making it stronger and more robust. Probiotics are capable of helping you produce more antibodies, which is crucial when fighting off diseases and infections. Whenever your body detects signs of infections, your immune system will respond by sending a couple of white cells to defend your body from the foreign invader. With probiotics, however, your white cells can respond better and faster.

Benefit #5: Losing Weight and Body Fat

While there’s still a lot of research that needs to be done about the overall effects of probiotics in the human body, some research suggests that they can also affect body weight and belly fat. Probiotics can influence appetite and energy usage while also inhibiting the absorption of dietary fat. In simpler terms, they make you crave less food due to the appetite-reducing hormones that they help your body to produce more.


Probiotics aren’t the cure-all solution for all of your health problems. But it’s potent enough to help you avoid some health issues while keeping your body strong and healthy. This list just shows that by merely drinking your daily dose of tea, you’re already helping your body a lot.

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