Green Tea and Weight Loss: 3 Facts You Need to Know

By Admin Tue, Apr 13, 21

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Going for a green tea detox may be something you can look into if you want to work on your weight goals. It’s because of its many benefits, especially if you wish to incorporate it into your healthy diet and exercise. However, you may not be convinced about these claims because you may need more factual evidence. Thus, consider the following facts as your guide to better appreciating green as the best tea for weight loss: 

Fact #1: Green tea can help prevent weight gain 

To better illustrate the effects of green tea, consider the study of the University of Oklahoma. They found that green tea supplementation for eight weeks decreased their participants’ body mass index and weight due to reduced carbohydrate absorption. Another similar research also found that a single dose of green tea extract consumed before a meal significantly reduced starch digestion, boosting weight loss. 

Thus, with both studies considered, it would be best to assess your daily consumption of different nutrients and caloric intake. Doing this can help you best understand how you can meet your weight loss goals strategically and sustain these best practices to prevent falling back on toxic habits. For instance, you can look into the possibility of replacing green tea with your morning or afternoon coffee, allowing you to boost weight loss. 

Fact #2: Green tea can increase your metabolism to burn extra calories

Your body’s metabolism is the key to your fat-burning capabilities. Unfortunately, it may be challenging to unlock its full potential due to the number of daily calories you may be taking. But if you take green tea, track your caloric intake per day, and work towards boosting your activity levels, you can easily shred off those extra pounds. In fact, a study showed that an added 183 calories can be burned daily through green tea extract supplementation. While it may not seem like much, that small number can make a huge difference. 

For instance, a study highlighted that green tea’s efficacy could lead to an increase of 3-4 percent in your metabolism. If you apply this to 2,000 calories daily as your intake, it means you burn extra calories between 60 and 80. In other words, that can mean 6-8 pounds lost yearly. So for someone like you looking to meet particular weight loss goals, this is a huge win! 

Fact #3: Green tea can boost gut health to curb weight gain

As with many weight loss enthusiasts, you may be looking to address the related medical complications that come with obesity, like poor gut health. This complication may even lead to more diseases, affecting your quality of life. Luckily, you may benefit from taking green tea, as a new study by the Ohio State University found that green tea can address gut issues, particularly by staving off inflammatory problems. In effect, it also prevents weight gain. 


Green tea does have its calming benefits, especially if you look at it as a weight loss-boosting supplement. Before, you may have been skeptical about these claims, but now, you have the factual information needed to back them! Thus, get your premium green tea fix, such as the one from our store! 

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