Green Coffee Extract: Is It the Right Morning Go-To for Weight Watchers?

By Admin Wed, Aug 26, 20

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Coffee lovers know that new trends come and go to shake things up in your favorite cafe’s menu every season, especially in a landscape full of consumers who are deeply enthusiastic about their cup of joe. There’s a new concoction of varieties created every year, from a sweet blend of caffeine and cola to a healthier brew with the rise of alternatives like green coffee extract.

Green coffee extract is a healthy supplement from unroasted beans, which makes a surprisingly tasty and healthy experiment for those craving for a new line of low-calorie beverages. This begs the question: is green extract a fat burner or just a buzz?

How Does Green Coffee Extract Work?

As mentioned above, green coffee extract simply derives from your regular beans, only it’s unroasted. This preserves the chlorogenic acids in its properties, a health-boosting compound thanks to its antioxidant effects.

When your cup of java is loaded with these compounds, it is believed to lower blood pressure, aids your digestive system, and even compliment your weight loss journey by reducing your sugar cravings.

Roasting coffee, while packed with deeper flavors, loses the potency of its chlorogenic acid content. This means that your average brew won’t pack the same weight loss punch with unroasted, green coffee beans.

Weight Loss Effects: Fact or Fiction?

For coffee drinkers and avid health buffs wondering if the green coffee extract is the next best trend for weight loss, then take a cold swig on this fact: some human studies suggest that it has the potential to facilitate weight loss as the chlorogenic acid compound can reduce your insulin level.

The Rise of Green Coffee Extract

It was only when green coffee bean extract was featured in The Dr. Oz Show where the drink skyrocketed to popularity and on top shelves of health-conscious brands. Studying 100 participants with women ages between 25 and 45 revealed that drinking 400 mg of green coffee three times a day for two weeks helped them shed two pounds.

The Bottom Line: It’s Always Greener On The Other Side With Green Coffee Extract

Keep in mind that there is not enough research to fully support this claim, so the industry needs to conduct more studies regarding green coffee extract’s effectiveness as a weight-loss supplement.

Fortunately, there’s no need to hold back on savoring a greener brew for your morning pick-me-up since it can give as much energizing boost as your regular coffee.

Beyond being a delicious treat that clears the mental fog in your head, the green coffee extract produces the same side effects when drinking too much caffeine.

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